Robot programmed to do a magic trick like a boss

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This green screen dress is amazing

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The Christmas Pirate 🏴‍☠️

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Now your own decisions belong to a man you havent met.

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Tom Brady throws a game-winning 58-yard touchdown pass in overtime to beat the Bills, and becomes the first player in NFL history to throw 700 touchdown passes

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I was a duggar bodyguard. Ask Me Anything.

I spent 20 years doing personal protection work. I’ve protected authors, activists, journalists, diplomats, foreign heads of state, actors, athletes, and politicians. I spent the summer of 2015 in Tontitown Arkansas.

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Perez about taking seconds from Hamilton: "I'm sure Lewis will understand. As a driver, you don't want to interfere into their championship, they've worked so hard for it to be in this moment. But it's my team. I've done it for my team."

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Don’t waste Kellogg interviewer time

Don’t bullshit these interviews and then tell them to get wrecked. Get hired.

it costs Kellogg money to hire people

[Edit: removed questionable advice ]

And then don’t show up. Absolutely do not join the workforce.

Cost them as much money as possible. Do zero actual work. Skip all shifts. And when they call and ask why tell them!

Final edit:

I’ve seen a couple of responses calling this a prank. This absolutely is NOT a prank. Even posting something like this might render me or anyone else on this thread unhireable.

It’s a serious choice with serious consequences if it back fires. But that is always the case for making a change. So for those I’ve seen who are following through with interviews to help the strike this is an option if you’re ok with the risk. IT IS NOT FOR THE “LOLs”

People shouldn’t have to work themselves to death to barely survive. Minimum wage should be a liveable wage with benefits. People deserve job security and to valued as employees and humans.


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Black coffee, which is Coincidently one of my favourite artists

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