There is no powercreep in this game yet. Please stop parroting Tectone.

Ever since a certain youtuber with a history of toxic behaviour in gacha communities found a following here, I've seen a very disturbing trend where people parrot his opinion. Now I get it. I really do. In this day and age, putting your face on Twitch gives you an air of authority. But please, I implore you... be critical and don't spread his misinformation. Think for yourself.

Coming from gacha that had major powercreep (Kingdom Hearts) and one with barely any powercreep (FGO), there's two things you need to remember about what powercreep actually is.

  • Powercreep invalidates older characters.

  • Powercreep is only powercreep if the content requires the new character.

First point should be obvious. Ganyu does not invalidate the other SSRs. Diluc, Klee, Keqing, etc. still perform their roles admirably. Keqing is falling behind a bit, but that has more to do with Electro as an element. Can Ganyu output stupid levels of DPS? Possible depending the situation, but both Klee and Diluc can do the same. Remember that this game is as much gear, party and gameplay focused as it is character focused. The only character who is powercrept is, at best, Amber. But an SSR being stronger than an SR is to be expected. The point is moot. It's like complaining Venti is better than Sucrose. That being said... what other pyro archers are there in the game, especially with her insane levels of pyro application on her Q (try it on the cryo Fatui and see what happens). If anything, the Amber argument is one from ignorance at not realizing Amber's value.

The second point is arguably more relevant. What drives powercreep is the game's content, not the characters released. The developers decide how strong the challenges are and by definition, what characters are relevant. Right now, there is no content that requires ANY of the SSR hyper carry characters, Ganyu included. As people like JJ&T or Envi have proven, you don't need any SSR to clear all the content. Until the devs literally REQUIRE you to pull a Ganyu to clear content, there is no powercreep. If you want to see games where powercreep is king, look at most anime gacha games or the Square Enix ones where the content is TAILORED to ONLY be cleared by the banner character or where artificial mechanics are in play (like bonus modifiers in a score based event) that literally lock you out of clearing without the banner character. Yes, there are buffs in Abyss for both geo and cryo that help the three previous SSR's, but they also help the current roster. Moreover, if anything, Venti is the one who powercreeps floor 11, not Ganyu.

Will this ever happen to Genshin? Doubtful. Locking content behind powergates has been proven to be reduce earnings. Part of FGO's enduring success is their constant buffing of older characters to prevent powercreep. Smart money would bet on Amber getting buffed versus Amber getting invalidated. Also, can we just stop and appreciate the fact that in the previous event, Amber was a BiS character for the super cryo regisvine?

So what is Ganyu? Objectively more powerful than many characters. So are Venti, Diluc and Klee. Also, so are Fischl, XQ and Bennett. Is she broken? Nah, she doesn't break anything. Maybe if you kit her with an Amos Bow and that's literally whale territory where balance ceases to exist. Same could be said about Diluc with Wolf's Gravestone. This still hasn't stopped people from running and clearing all content with non-meta characters. Just like in FGO where, to this day, all the content can be cleared by a certain unkilleable blue lancer that you can get for free since lauch.

If anything, be confident that Mihoyo is good at ripping off other gacha's and they understand why some games made actual billions (FGO) and some games died in obscurity (KHUX). If possible, don't listen to a stubborn youtuber who has refused to admit he was wrong since Zhongli and now is doing the same with Ganyu. Think for yourself.

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Who would of thought that *I* would need to leave the country illegally?!

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Come and take it from him.

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Incredibly photogenic german police and protester.

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Six years ago, after being fined several times for not doing an interview, Marshawn Lynch (NFL player) decided to hold a legendary interview

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I'm the bald guy, also known as Seth Everman. AMA.

Hey guys I'm Seth Everman. I'm a YouTuber and musician. Most people know me as the bald guy who plays piano. I also used to be the world's biggest tumblr user for a few years until I got tired of it and quit the platform. I have created viral videos, tweets, images, memes, and sounds across many social media platforms. I have the world's most liked YouTube comment. I have also done the following:

  • Composed a classical music piece supposed to be performed for the Queen of Sweden, but she was sick that day and didn't attend.

  • Played roulette once in my life betting on a single number, which hit, giving me a 100% win rate at roulette. I will never play again.

  • Been charged at by wild bears (multiple times)

  • Been in a plane accident which left me traumatized and afraid of flying to this day.

  • Never been recognized in public while wearing a hat (my secret disguise making it possible for me to relax while walking around in public) until January 1st 2021. Thanks a lot Hector at McDonald's...

I also have multiple weird kinds of synesthesia (google it) when it comes to music, dates, the days of the week, and all kinds of weird crap. I don't know what's wrong with my brain except for the severe mental illness haha. Ask me anything!

I will be answering questions right now, BUT I will also come back in 24 hours and answer more questions. I always end up finding reddit posts too late when they've already died out, so this is for the people like myself.


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The answer is yes

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My friends told me to buy red but I think white is better

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Chris Herring on Shaq calling Jokić Russian: "It's always been treated as this endearing quality to not know how to pronounce these guys' names (literal MVP winners), or not know what countries they're from (MVP candidates), or not know which teams they play for... It's really not that funny, tho."

Posts here

Chris Herring is a Senior NBA writer for ESPN/FiveThirtyEight

"It's always been treated as this endearing quality to not know how to pronounce these guys' names (literal MVP winners), or not know what countries they're from (MVP candidates), or not know which teams they play for... It's really not that funny, tho."

I fully get that it's entertainment. I don't expect analytical arguments with every segment. I just think no one is done any favors w playing into this lowest-common denominator thing all the time.

I think what legitimately frustrates me, too, is that it's almost incentivized at this point, too. Wasn't lost on me that Bleacher Report announced they were killing their whole magazine within the same two-day window that Turner re-upped w Shaq. Which ... I get it!

But in light of something like that, bringing a certain level of effort to something would be wonderful. It would be more than welcome if and when it actually happens


Look I love Inside the NBA because it's mostly a comedy show that sometimes includes some basketball and I know that it's meant for the American market but the way NBA is globalized now I thinks it's damaging to the actual product you're tryna promote to be butchering names and origins of MVP candidates for years and years. Jokić handled it perfectly even if he wasn't cool with it

Here's the video

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