TIFU by admitting I have feelings for my sisters husband

So recently my (21F) sister (28F) moved back into our parents house after leaving her husband (27M)

We had a chat where she mentioned that her husband barely spends time with her and is no longer the same man she married, she expressed how he is no longer energetic in their relationship and as if all he does is work. In other words, slagging him off.

Now, I stayed with my sister and her husband for 2 months whilst I was going through a rough patch with my parents (story for another time). I've only moved back with my parents in the past month.

Whilst I was staying with my sister, it was pretty clear how their relationship was. She wasn't being the best of partners. She would work, go out with friends and barely contribute anything to the relationship.

Her job is a lot better and pays well compared to her husbands, whose job doesn't pay well. He makes up by working longer hours and yet when he comes home, it is he who is actually doing all the household chores from cleaning to cooking to doing the laundry and the shopping.

I should add that it is mainly him who takes care of household expenses even though my sister earns more.

Whilst I was staying with them, I felt disgusted the way she treated her husband and I'll be honest, I caught feelings for him. Nor matter how much he would struggle he wouldn't let it affect the way he treated my sister, he would buy her flowers regularly aswell as cooking her romantic meals which by the looks of things, went unappreciated. He would try and talk to her but she would much rather gossip with her friends leaving him alone.

Anyway, I never told anyone this and nor did I get involved to their relationship. I used to help out with some expenses and doing a few things like cooking, cleaning etc which was appreciated by her husband. We used to chat, he wouldn't bad mouth her at all but it was evident he was struggling in the relationship. I even caught him crying once after an argument which ended with my sister shouting 'you just aren’t good enough'.

Today, her husband came to our parents house to try and talk to her and fix what's wrong. She basically flogged him off and this is when we began our 'chat'.

Like I mentioned before, she was basically just slagging him off to a point where I couldn't hold back, I don't know if it was because of my feelings for him but I basically told my sister all the things her husband does for her and how he treats her like a queen and how she is just acting like an ungrateful, entitled brat.

Needless to say, she was upset. She also asked me point blank if I liked him, to which I broke down and said yes.

She hasn't spoken to me since and her husband messaged me saying how I crossed a line and shouldn't have said anything. On top of that, my parents are also pretty pissed at me too. Needless to say, IFU

TL;DR: admitted to my sister that I have feelings for her husband, she, her husband and my parents all hate me

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