What are men really thinking?

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As a brit, I can't comprehend this is Los Angeles. As I understand, this is replicated in every major city in the US. How the hell has it come to this?

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Police request Jaxson Hayes to be fined for slurs used during tasing.

In a letter addressed to Adam Silver and Pelicans owner Gayle Benson:

In addition to physically attacking our officers and obstructing a domestic abuse investigation, Mr. Hayes repeatedly called our officers the “N-word” and did so in an aggressive and threatening manner. No person should be subjected to such vile and offensive language. It has no place in our society and it should have no place in the NBA.

Given that the NBA professes to oppose hate speech (although we did not find any prohibition in either its Constitution or CBA), the NBA Constitution does state the Commissioner can suspend a player or fine a player up to $50,000 if a player’s comments have a “prejudicial or detrimental” impact on the “best interests of basketball or of the Association (NBA Constitution Section 2.35(d)).

Recently, the NBA fined Miami Heat player Meyers Leonard $50,000, and suspended him from all Miami Heat activities and facilities for one week for making anti-Semitic comments while playing a video game. In response to Leonard’s comments, you provided the following statement: “We have further communicated to Meyers that derogatory comments like this will not be tolerated and that he will be expected to uphold the core values of our league — equality, tolerance, inclusion and respect — at all times moving forward.”

We ask you to investigate Mr. Hayes’ use of the “N-word” during the incident, and based on the obvious evidence, hold him accountable for the blatant violation of the NBA’s values of “equality, tolerance, inclusion and respect.”


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Good boy becomes a big brother!

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What is the worst piece of dialogue that you have ever heard in a videogame?

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My previous post of “gf missed her period” has an update.

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[In] Debt of gratitude

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Seconds before disaster struck

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It should be mandatory to donate your organs after you die.

Like the title says, I think it should be mandatory to donate your organs if you die. There are always many people on waiting lists for life saving transplants and yet there are still people who would rather take their organs to the grave with them. Once you are dead there is literally no reason to keep them. Even if people don't want it for religious reasons or what ever, why would we put the wishes of a dead person about the well-being of someone that is still alive? I know there are already projects to encourage people to give their consent in the case of their death, but it should really just be required by law.

Maybe there is something I don't get about it, so if you disagree feel free to give your opinion.

Edit: I won't debate over religion with you I think human life should be always valued more than any religious beliefs.

Edit2: I know how it's handled in the UK now, that's defenetly a step in the right direction.

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