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The face of pure joy.

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As a 23 Black male, seriously screw Reddit.

Hi, I’m the guy who made this post not too long ago. I was literally just using r/offmychest just to vent. It took a little courage on my end to make this post here since I lack outlets to be social, I just wanted to let go of some baggage since I’ve had no one to talk to for months now.

But no.

I get off work, check Reddit, excited to see my inbox full, decided to wait and drive to the gym near where I live (takes about an hour)... only to find loads and loads of hate mail. Just slowly reading through the inbox was enough to almost make me cry. It was so much that I had to literally just head home.

I would just make an edit to the previous post, but no this is outrageous. This is a problem with Reddit as a whole, so I need to make one last post since I’m fucking done with this site.

To all the people calling me a nazi and a liar, yes I’m a fucking 23 year old black male. If the tattoos don’t show that I’m at least older than a fucking teenager. Here’s my degree in math since I apparently lied about that too, so that “I could farm karma.” I’m obviously not a Repair tech for Dell, oh fucking wait, I am.

I don’t know what I did to deserve so much hate. Was it really me posting this shit? A dumb joke about roblox, really?? How much fucking humor do you expect from a nerdy guy like me??? Obviously, I don’t play that fucking game, and yes I had to move back in with my parents thanks to loosing my last job due to the lay-offs caused by COVID. Yes I’m a fucking 23 year old grown ass black man that had to move back in with his parents. because I’ve been out of work for 3months just barely scraping by. I’ve been trying to apply to job after, hoping someone would notice my measly degree, I’m a millennial after all. I FINALLY landed a job after being broke for that long, and guess what it was: an overnight lumber associate at Home Depot. I lasted 10 days if you count my training. It was so demeaning and stressful. Managers didn’t care, coworker would talk shit about me, I would constantly question the point of my degree and how much I wasted my life. After the 4th day on the overnight shift, I walked out. I couldn’t take it anymore. It was by some stroke of major luck that I landed a job as a repair tech immediately after. I couldn’t even describe how ecstatic I was for something to finally turn up in my life.

There you go, there’s my fucking backstory.

After being alone with no friends for months now just finding little refuge in Reddit and venting about things on my mind. I’m very thankful to have got such nice messages like this, this, and this, and this, and so much more.

Im so glad that coming out of my shell was met with the best Reddit has to offer.


I’m literally heartbroken right now. I’m done, sorry for claiming I’m black, I’ll just keep my mouth shut and continue to be silent. Bye.

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Father catches registered sex offender talking to his daughters, promptly slaps the piss out of him

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🔥 the cosmic sensation.

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Long and loud

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A wedding pic of two U.S. citizens madly in love... We celebrated our 21st anniversary last week

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Effects of gravity when you drive on different planets

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