r/animemes goes nuclear as the mods set it to private due to doxxing attempts

The other dude didn't link anything in his other post.

SRD Mods pls don't take this down, this update is buttery and worthy of discussion due to how crazy this has gotten.

Long story short, the mods of r/animemes banned the word trap, a choice that would lead to the mass exodus of ~150k users to r/goodanimemes, the resignation of 13 moderators and the actual police becoming involved due to swatting and death threats since the mods were doxxed. Because of the doxxing, some mods purged their post history and others just flat out deleted their account (example, u/evasionsnake)

ZeeDownfall is a part of the team and explains what's going on in this AMA. You'll noticed that Zee is one of the people that purged their post history. Zee is still in the good graces of the animemes community due to trying to cooperate with them.

But some people try to dismiss the notion that the mods were truly doxxed, with some claiming that the doxxing is being overexagerated.

HOLOFAN4LIFE also speaks out explaining in detail why he is no longer a mod.

Side note: the community got more pissed today as one of the mods enabled the crowd control setting as an anti brigading measure. This caused a lot of comments to be collapsed in an effort to hide them. The situation was previously made worse when it was revealed that SrGrafo, a mini reddit celebrity, revealed that the mod team treated him horribly, resulting in the Chloe mascot to be replaced with Sachi. Chloe the character migrated to r/chloe.

Side note 2: admins have somewhat become involved in this mess. The current pinned post on r/goodanimemes tells users to stop making war memes or else their sub will get banned because of brigading. This rule is not up for debate and in this case, the users agree with the rule change.

Side note 3- da linkster is a mod and apparently threatened to commit suicide on discord over this. Everyone tried to talk him out of it and he's seemingly ok for now

As of right now, the subreddit is expected to remain closed for the next 2 to 3 weeks. It is highly likely the subreddit will die as even the mod team is internally collapsing. According to Zee, they all think this might be the end.

Edit, ZeeDownfall has just stepped down.







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Blursed Mortar

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I think cows are underrated. Just look at that lil face!

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Prize carrot I've been resisting pulling up for weeks

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I am multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, arranger, producer, and musician-creature Jacob Collier! Here to answer your questions about music and life. AMA!

Hello, Reddit! It’s about time we hung out!!! I do not believe in genres. I believe in you. It is high time I answer some questions of yours, especially since Djesse Vol. 3 is finally in the world. I can’t wait.

Proof: https://i.redd.it/vkcbt53bo0i51.jpg

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One Piece: Chapter 988

Chapter 988: "I’ve kept you waiting"

Official Release
TBS scans
Imgur V1

One Piece is on a break next week.

Ch. 988 Official Release (Mangaplus): 23/08/2020

Ch. 989 Scan Release: ~04/09/2020

Please discuss the manga here and in the theory/discussion post. Any other post will be removed during the next 24 hours.

Please also remember to put the chapter number in the title for any future post talking about this chapter.

PS: Don't forget to check out the official Discord: https://discord.gg/onepiece

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This guy tests a 20000 watt light bulb.

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This is bad, very bad

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The USA is a strange place.

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*amazon jungle*

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