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I love me some Wikipedia full spreads

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The same bike .. the same place .. the same girl, but with a difference of 71 years,

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An older gentleman greeting his wife at the gate with flowers

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Gym teacher projects app onto wall to make a new activity game (popping the targets on his phone/pad as the kids hit the projection)

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CMV: The leadership of the US republican party is no longer interested in maintaining a fully democratic system.

I'll start with a disclaimer: this post will reference some things Trump did, but it's not about Trump directly. Rather it's about the current leadership of the republican party, which I'll simply refer to as the GOP.

My thesis is this: the GOP has known for some several decades that it's voter base is shrinking. It's response has increasingly been to target the systems and institutions underpinning democracy. During the Trump presidency at the latest the GOP has decided to take the next step and interfere in the elections directly to stay in power.

The GOP has known for some decades that demographic trends do not favor it's traditional base. Faced with that, there have been repeated debates about whether it's appeal needs to broaden. However, time and again the decision was made to focus on the already highly mobilised core voters rather than try to open up. The tea party movement has given the latest big push in that direction.

At the same time, political taboos have started falling, and it has been the GOP leading the push in most cases. REDMAP was a coordinated effort at gerrymandering. Citizens United was a conservative platform. Under Mitch McConnell, the US senate has become a graveyard of bills. A supreme court nomination was held up for months for Partisan reasons.

Now, a president is in office, backed by the GOP, who openly calls the election into question, has instated a personal friend with no obvious qualifications at the head of the postal service and is suggesting his supporters try voter fraud to see if the system is really safe. A president who is already on record soliciting foreign aid in his re-election By their continued support, the GOP is all but openly admitting that they do not care about the integrity of the election.

Now I am not suggesting the GOP will set up Trump as a dictator on November 4th. But neither will they accept the result of the election. They will do what they think they can get away with, until they have a grip on power that's no longer dependant on actual votes. I don't know whether they already know what their preferred end result looks like. But it does seem to me that genuine respect for democracy no longer features in it.

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LPT: Buying good quality stuff pre-owned rather than bad quality stuff new makes a lot of sense if you’re on a budget.

This especially applies to durables like speakers, vehicles, housing, etc.

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I lost my dad to cancer when I was 18, I just saw this and it made me cry. Hope it helps anyone else going through something similar.

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If you move out of California to another state please don’t turn said state into California.

Alright look guys, California’s regulation has made housing prices soar, the regulations concerning land management hurt the logging industry, and have made the fires worse, the new ruling on sexual assault of a minor is horrible. If you are moving out of California for any of these reason, remember that other states have worked hard to not be California, and you should too.

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I asked my wife for a paternity test and she basically said she wanted a divorce

I am convinced that my wife's son is not mine. I believe that her "work husband" as she called him is the actual father. Ever since the baby was born three months ago, I've had these thoughts brewing. I told my wife last night that I wanted a paternity test, and she said, "I know that the test will come back with you as the father, but if you get one consider our marriage over."

I have small blue eyes, pale skin, and blond hair- as do my parents, grandparents, and siblings. My wife has small blue eyes and red hair- everyone in her family has either blue eyes and blond or red hair. Yet, our baby was born with an olive skin tone, and huge brown eyes. You know who else has huge brown eyes and an olive skin tone? Her so called "work husband" (Ryan for the sake of the story) that I believed she may have had an affair with last year. 

One of my wife's coworkers is married to a co-worker of mine. He is the one who came to me and confided that his wife believed there was something fishy going on with my wife and Ryan. They were getting unnaturally close, spending time together alone even though they don't directly work together, and the way they were interacting with each other was causing rumors to spread throughout their office. His wife, knowing that he knew me, wanted to warn me that something may be up. I asked my wife about her relationship with Ryan, and she said he was her "work husband." Just someone that she could trust and "be herself" with at work unlike everyone else. I told her that I was extremely uncomfortable with the way their friendship sounded, and asked that they spend a little less time together. She agreed, and that was the end of it.

A few months later, we discovered that she was pregnant. This was genuinely happy news for us both, and we were excited to become parents. At a baby shower planned by some of her work friends and held at her office, I met Ryan and got a good look of his appearance. My wife and I were in a great place and very happy the entire  pregnancy, and we're super excited to welcome our little one.  Yet despite always wanting to be a dad, when the baby was born, I didn't feel a connection to him. The first time he was put in my arms, I expected to be overtaken with emotions the way I'd always heard I would. It makes me feel like a jerk to say it, but I just felt kind of empty instead. I chucked it up to nerves/not being able to be in the room when he was born.

As the months have passed and the baby has gotten bigger, I've noticed how little he looks like myself and my wife. His skin and hair have gotten darker, the nose doesn't seem to match either of ours, and he even has a cleft chin when no one in my family does and none on my wife's come to mind that do either. Seeing him age has just further has just given me more doubts..

Last night, I admitted to my wife my fears, and asked if there was a way that the baby isn't mine. She reacted extremely negatively as I figured, told me she'd never been more insulted and said that she had never and would never cheat on me with Ryan or anyone. I told her for my piece of mind I wanted to have a paternity test and that's when she said that if I got one she would "consider our marriage over" regardless of the test results. 

I know that if my wife actually was faithful, she has every right to be offended by concerns. But I'm of the mind that the fact that the child was conceived around the time she was hanging out with "work husband" and he has features that match him justify my concerns. And also I question how its at all fair for my wife to want to leave me if the baby is both ours just because I wanted that confirmation.  Do you think my wife's behavior is shady? Ladies, how would you respond in this situation if you were my wife ? I wish I would have just swabbed the kid myself, and I probably will if she keeps acting irrationally. I just feel like her response is over the top and indicative that something DID go on between her and Ryan. What are your thoughts?

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