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Bearded Mark Hamill in 1989

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I made a free alternative to Photoshop, that is used by 7 million people. Ask me Anything!

Hi, my name is Ivan Kutskir, I am 29 y.o. and I live in Prague, the Czech Republic. I created Photopea , an advanced image editor which works in a web browser. There were 7 million visitors in July.

I started to work on it in 2012, the first version was published in 2013, it was just my hobby until 2016, when I graduated and started to work on it full-time. I did not fully "believe" in Photopea until 2017, when I started to monetize it (with ads) and was able to make $400 a month :)

I had an AMA on Reddit over a year ago and I would like to tell you what happened since then :)

  • the number of users doubled (again)

  • my income doubled

  • I added the support for text on a curve, smarter selections, opening Figma files, puppet warp, content-aware scale, improved PDF support and more

  • I reached 2,300 solved issues on Github!

  • Photopea still wasn't acquired by anyone, even though I received several offers of an investment

I still work on Photopea alone, but I would like to hire more people. I would like to start making a video editor, too, at some point. Ask me Anything! :)

You can follow Photopea on Facebook or Twitter! Proof: I put a link to this AMA here!

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I'm gonna get you....

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Just... wow.

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Every employee at this Sonic location quit because the new owners lowered their pay to “$4 per hour, plus tips”. But fast food workers never get tipped, so how is this even legal?? Shame on the new owners

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Pick your Cringe

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As a male, I’m so tired of the lack of unique clothing available.

As a male it’s insanely frustrating to browse women’s clothing and see all of the unique styles they have. From the draping, silhouettes, layering, and asymmetry, to the colors, neck lines, and details. There are so many cool and unique options.

Then I look in the men’s section and it’s all the fucking same.

Crew neck or vneck
Straight cut or slim cut
A sea of solid color patterns and primary colors
Little to no small details
No draping
No asymmetry
You want to layer? Here, wear this plaid shirt unbuttoned over a grey tee shirt. If you want to get really crazy with it, swap out the tee for a long sleeve Henley and cuff the sleeves on the outside .......

I’m so tired of having to buy clothes from expensive specialty stores just to find something unique.

Men deserve more variation.

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Too hot for the fox in London today!

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