This mom and her kid are called out by a grieving woman because they are anti maskers . You can hear the pain

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Any progression based racing games that focuses more on "start with crap car, work your way up" instead of pure simulation?

Hey folks. I'm trying to scratch that Gran Turismo 3 itch. So far i've tried Forza Motorsport 7, but it's not the right stuff. You start out with sick cars there, instead of working your way up, and it's not what i'm looking for.

Anyone have any suggestions for progression based driving / racing games? I'm not looking for super realism, i'm only looking for progression stuff.

The List:

  • Emulate Gt3 / Gt4 / Gt 5

  • FlatOut 1/2 / Ultimate Carnage.

  • NFS Most Wanted 2 (2006).

  • NFS Underground.

  • Grid 1, maybe 2.

  • Dirt games - potentially.

  • Project Cars 3 - potentially

  • Burnout games.

  • Midnight Club LA ( Emulator. Was so good).

  • Blur (Ps3)

  • Test Drive unlimited 2.

  • Test Drive Unlimited 1 - with Project Paradise Mod

  • Car Mechanic Simulator

  • Gas Guzzlers Extreme ( Steam)

Games that didn't fit ( from my experience):

  • Forza Motorsport 7 - You get handed sick cars from the beginning so it skips progression

  • Forza Horizon 4. - Same as FM7, you get handed the cars after every second race, skipping progression.

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The most beautiful things are often the saddest. Rest In Peace OP’s brother!

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Simple Question... Would you be playing more if sunsetting had never happened?

I know I would, I sure as hell wouldn't be taking longer and longer breaks along with my favorite streamers and the majority of my clan and friends list... all at the behest and suggestion of the virtue mobs who can't enjoy the game if any one person criticizes it :/

I'm sure the mass exodus we're in the middle of now would not be near as dramatic and the focus on EvERyThInG wrong with the game wouldn't be near as polarizing if we could do what we used to do during these lulls, which was burying our heads in our vaults, bringing old weapons to the cap, trying out new shaders on old favorites and generally experimenting with our entire arsenals. If that was the case, I know for a fact I would have logged in more than twice in the past 3 weeks.

Virtue what you will about this community being toxic or salty, at the end of the day we're not 'gamers' ...we're paying customers who invest in a hobby and that investment is now being routinely scrubbed.

F2P players will overwhelmingly always remain F2P players. It's the dedicated and inve$ted customers you're losing in droves now Bungie.


AnD AnOTheR ThiNG! ! ! If nothing else happens, at least let us change elemental affinities on our energy and power weapons again, it would mitigate a lot of the wackedout imbalance in what is available.

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What's up Reddit? I'm Duncan Robinson shooting guard for the Miami Heat and now host of my new podcast The Long Shot (launching tomorrow 1/12 on all platforms). Wanted to talk to you guys about it. Ask me anything!

I'm super excited for the opportunity to host my own podcast under the umbrella of ThreeFourTwo Productions. Going to give you all an inside look into this years unique NBA season while also highlighting a guest's rise to the top of their respective field. Happy to answer any non-podcast related questions on here as well. Looking forward to seeing what you got!

Starting at 11am est!

Btw... please excuse any and all typos, going to try to get to as many questions as possible.



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And now, for something not involving politics

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Canadian Drive Thru

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This shy girl just arrived at the shelter I volunteer at

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For the first time in decades, Madrid is completely covered in snow. This is how people in the city responded.

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Lonely Childhood Starterpack

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