Alcohol should be illegal. It’s only legal because it’s been around for thousands of years, and if it had been discovered as recently as a lot of other drugs it would be illegal

Here are my reasons.

  • 95,000 people die from alcohol related causes every year in America. This is the third highest cause of death in America. 1st is tobacco, 2nd is poor diet and exercise habits. It causes more deaths than all other drugs combined.

  • It’s one of the only drugs and by far the most mainstream that actually causes you to be violent, and is a factor in large amounts of violent crime/ domestic abuse.

  • The life expectancy of someone hospitalized with an alcohol problem is about 50. Almost 30 years shorter than the average life expectancy in America.

  • 28% of driving deaths in America are caused by alcohol.

  • It’s the only drug that has withdrawals that can actually kill you.

There are many more reasons that I have but those are statistically backed and not opinionated. It’s dangerous and absolutely terrible for you. The only positive it provides is more fun social interactions, which literally any drug used in moderation can provide, the difference being that it’s not taboo to drink a beer or 2, while it’s taboo to casually do some heroin.

Also, who likes being hungover?

Worth noting you can make most of the same arguments for tobacco, but in my experiences tobacco is typically more frowned upon than drinking.

Edit: I understand that prohibition didn’t work. I’m not saying alcohol being illegal is feasible. I’m just saying that I don’t think it should be legal. Plenty of other drugs are illegal and people don’t throw a fit

Edit 2: Y’all are bringing up good points and counterpoints but it’s too much stuff for me to reply to. The war on drugs and prohibition are great reasons as to why this won’t work. Don’t have much of an argument there.

I’m not totally opposed to the idea of all drugs being legal and providing medical care and safe spaces for addicts. This has worked in other places around the world but the American health system is so screwed up that it would still just fuck people over. Mainly just because it’s so for profit and unaffordable for so many people that I don’t think this would help anybody. That is an issue with medical system as a whole and not with the idea of drugs being legal.

I’m seeing people bring up caffeine and sugar. People really need to educate themselves on the negative effects of both of those drugs. The long terms effects of those are silent killers, mainly sugar. It’s pretty unavoidable and not terrible in moderation the typical American diet has wayyyyyy too much sugar for anybody to consume healthily.

Edit 3: a point I failed to make is that alcohol is way more dangerous than other illegal drugs, mainly weed and psychedelics. I don’t smoke weed myself but there’s no denying that it causes way less harm than alcohol, both in society and to your body.

Edit 4: damn y’all are salty. But my opinion has been confirmed as unpopular.

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