My 12 year old is pissed at me because he accidentally proved that Die Hard is indeed a Christmas movie. [SPOILERS]

Last year, I introduced him to Die Hard and I said it was one of my favorite Christmas movies. All year long, he has been trying to argue that it's not a Christmas movie per se, it's just a movie that happens at Christmastime.

My argument was that the whole reason John McClane was even in Los Angeles was to see his family for Christmas and the only reason he was at Nakatomi Plaza was for the Xmas party. He wasn't having it.

So tonight I introduced Lethal Weapon, which honestly, I had forgotten was also set around Christmas. But there we are, watching the opening credits and they're playing jingle bell rock, everything is decorated for Xmas, everyone's saying "Merry Christmas" to each other. So I start saying "look, another Christmas movie like Die Hard!" because I know he's going to argue that it's not.

He impressed me this time: he said that if you take Christmas out, it doesn't change the story. And he's 100% right; Lethal Weapon can stand on its own without the story changing even if it happens in the third week of August. Christmas is not at all integral to any part of that movie.

So I pointed out that Gruber's gang in Die Hard needed the reduced security and number of employees in the building for a nighttime Christmas party for them to get into the building easier, but they also needed enough employees at the party to create a hostage situation that would get the FBI out so they could turn off the power, letting them drill into the vault.

You take Xmas out and they don't have their opportunity to make their heist.

And again, McClane is in that building specifically because it's Christmas.

No Christmas, no Die Hard.

He's not happy about it.

So tomorrow we're going to have to watch Love Actually and see what he thinks.

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I recently saw an article about a Danish comedian who got a lot of hate for posting a photo of him in the bath with his two year old daughter. People were saying it's inappropriate and gross. Some were even going as far to call him a paedophile.

I don't think it should be an issue regardless of gender. I only think it's an issue if either the parent or child starts to feel uncomfortable and want privacy. Nudity is natural. Some people don't like their parents seeing them naked from like 7 or 8 and that's fine but we shouldn't judge those who are more open about it

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Paris, France.

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