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Doggo dances with owner at her wedding 🖤

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He was dirt poor, she was rich. Her family threatened to disown her if she married him. She decided she loved him more than any inheritance and went on to marry him and have two kids. He loved her so much he died holding her hand. Ladies and gentlemen, my grandparents.

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I replayed Sword/Shield and seriously think GameFreak should be replaced for mainline Pokemon games

I love this franchise so much but when I first played Sword/Shield, I was disappointed. I tried to enjoy certain aspects of the game but it just didn't feel the same anymore, it lost so much of that personality and I feel like there is not much passion from the development. I hate saying this about one of my favorite franchises, so I gave it a second chance and replayed it... it didn't change my mind. GameFreak might've been doing justice for the franchise in the past, but when it comes to this modern era, they clearly fail to meet expectations or even minimum standards. If we look at other games that look incredible on Switch, it clearly shows that GameFreak can do better but maybe it's because they don't have enough time? Or because the development is quite small? I honestly don't know why they don't employ more when they are making games for the largest media franchise?

Who do you think would be suitable to make future mainline Pokemon games?

I think of a few like Square Enix, just look at how incredible Dragon Quest 11 S is. The game itself is amazing on any platform, but the fact that we got such a masterpiece on Switch! It's beautiful and runs great! Square Enix is obviously well-known for their RPGs so I think they would make a great Pokemon game.

What about Level-5? The Ni No Kuni games are great but the fact that the first one is on Switch and looks a lot better than Sword/Shield... it's not even the remastered version. If you've played the first Ni No Kuni, you probably thought of Pokemon as well, the games are quite similar in many ways.

We know Bandai Namco has given us beautiful visuals for Pokemon (Pokken and Snap) but when it comes to proper RPG elements, we can look at their Tales Of Franchise. If you haven't played them, they're great!

Another great team - Monolith Soft. Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps... just imagine a proper 'Pokemon roaming in the wild' experience. We want to see Pokemon interacting in their habitats the way they're supposed to and when you think of the Xenoblade games, you know that it's possible.

I was actually discussing this on a Discord server and some people were saying "Why not Nintendo handle it themselves?" How awesome would that be!? Pokemon has SO MUCH potential but with the way GameFreak has been handling things for the past few years, it seems like it won't please the majority. Mario and Zelda are getting more innovative with their games but Nintendo's biggest franchise is just going downhill (obviously not in sales but you get what I mean). Of course, it's 'Pokemon' were talking about, it will obviously sell whether they put effort or not, we all know that.

EDIT: After reading very interesting comments, I agree that GameFreak should still communicate with the (hypothetically) new team. They can help with other things like designs, stats, music, and so on.

2ND EDIT: Saw one guy say this and it's so true!! - Why does a AAA first party Nintendo game from their most popular franchise of a $95 billion company get excused so easily for being so goddamn awful?

3RD EDIT: Seeing a lot of Atlus mentions, and hell yeah! I love their games and they've done a lot of things similar to Pokemon games. They are definitely capable of delivering.

4TH EDIT: For those who wonder why I posted this, it’s because I felt like it was an important topic that could start an interesting discussion (what dev team could help the franchise). I barely post on Reddit but my experience with this franchise just really made me want to speak out. I was not trying to make a ‘hate post’ towards GameFreak, or try to get people to trashtalk the team. I wanted to open a discussion regarding the possibilities of new developers to work on Pokemon.

5TH EDIT: This rotation system that people mentioned, how COD was developed by different teams. That’s something Pokemon should have. It would be a great opportunity for more games to be developed simultaneously by different teams, and with more time of course. GameFreak has a tight schedule, they need to find some kind of solution and the rotation is perfect.

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‘“I Regret Voting Brexit” - Fish Industry in Ruins

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What’s up with the Twitter trend #ImpeachBidenNow?

I know there’s many people that hate Biden and many people still like Trump but what did Biden supposedly do to get this hashtag? It’s overtaken by K-pop fans at the moment.


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Ghibli style

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Only a helicopter needs less space to start/ land

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Kitty working in the coal mine

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