“Scream” body Art

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What doesn't make sense is texas being bunch of stingy crooks and not paying teachers better

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My dog giving his biscuit to his son. The dad thought the son didn’t get one and stood by the door until I opened it so he could give to his son. I cried.

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Ready to build my first PC!

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Did your teachers tell you which way to fold a paper by saying HAMBURGER or HOTDOG?

In school when we had to fold our papers the teacher would say hamburger style if we were to fold at the horizontal center.

Or if was hot dog style we would fold it from the vertical style.

Sorry if I don't make sense, just woke up and curious.

ETA I've been out of school almost 20 years.

ETA part deux I'm really stupid, I never really thought it was strictly an american thing.

I'm going to edit this last time to ask, does anyone know how to turn of the inbox replies on this because it's a lot. I've learned quite a bit today!

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A kind reminder: don’t shame people for not being able to get better ingredients

I’ve had this happen a couple times to me. I’m a student, so I don’t have the budget to go above and beyond what I already spend (eg. like on eggs bought direct from farmer because they’re over double the price of the ones I get now). It’s sad that it’s a luxury to buy from the source, but please don’t push people to buy more expensive things when they say they dont have the budget, yes we know theyll taste better but that just makes it harder when we have to go back to the cheaper versions haha

TL;DR not everyone has the ability to purchase the more expensive options for ingredients, don’t guilt them about it

Edit: Y'all I posted this in the morning and went to class, I came back to a lots of super kind comments and a ton of awards. Just want to say thank you <3

Edit: I've been trying to read every comment, I've never had a post get so big (and also I've never gotten gold before so huge thank you!!!). Hope y'all are getting creative with your meals today :)

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Two of my male coworkers got a bonus and I didn't. They shared their bonuses with me.

They've been handling assistant/mail room things since last March. 98% of people are remote and they're picking up the slack.

I'm at the front desk, handling health screenings, contact tracing, etc.

The guys got a bonus for their efforts, but I didn't.

They split theirs with me and made a whole ceremony out of the "award ceremony ". They handed me a significant amount of money.

It sucks to he valued less than they are, but its so amazing that they felt so driven to include me.

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The letter my great great uncle sent his wife to let her know he survived the pearl harbor attack.

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Mmmm yes math

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Angela will be 16 on March 5th and is very exited to be alive everyday

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