TIFU by making my boyfriend fertile

Context: Me and my boyfriend have been dating for three years and having unprotected sex almost the entire time.

He took a sperm fertility test a while back and it was concluded that he had a VERY slim chance of getting me pregnant - he is basically infertile.

So horray, he nuts in me once or twice a day for years and nothing happens. No birth control needed for me!

Side note, this man eats pizza for lunch everyday and drinks a few beers a day if not more.

A few months ago we decide to do Andy Friscella's 75Hard challenge, which includes: -No drinking or junk food -Stick to a diet, no cheat meals -Workout twice a day for 45 mins each, one has to be outside -Take a progress picture -Read 10 pages of a nonfiction book All for 75 days straight, if you mess up you have to start over on day 1.

So we did this challenge for about a month and we didn't finish due to it being really difficult...but that's beside the point...

A month later I find out I'm pregnant.

We were blown away. Didn't think it was possible! Why after all this time?

Get the results back from the doctor, looks like it was conceived right in the middle of our health challenge.

So I guess ditching pizza and beer is enough to get your sperm happy and lively.

Edit: He told me he was sure he was infertile when we first started dating, but me being skeptical I demanded he order a test. The test said between 30 and 60 was fertile, and anything below that would need a doctor's assistance.

He scored 10.

At that point I said hell yeah, I hate being on bc, I've tried nearly every kind and always had a bad time. In our minds, we both got lucky!

Also, he's 34 for those thinking he must be a rabid teenager to have that much sex. I just got lucky, I swear.

We're aware we were still risking it based on the very slim statistics but hey, lesson learned. Condoms from here on out!

Edit: For all of you saying I must have cheated, he didn't bring it up because he trusts me. But it's okay, y'all don't know us, so think what you want! I wouldn't post this if there was a scandal behind it lol.

If him and I have that much sex, I wouldn't be seeking out MORE dick. There's only so much a girl can take before she's out of order for a few days.

TL;DR Doing a health challenge for a month made my infertle boyfriend healthy enough to get me pregnant.

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