Frick you, Karen

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Don’t even get me started on the stick figure families...

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San Antonio Spurs Are Officially ELIMINATED From 2020 NBA Playoffs, Ending 22-Year Playoff Streak

Following wins by both the Memphis Grizzlies & Phoenix Suns, the San Antonio Spurs have been officially been ELIMINATED from 2020 NBA Playoff contention.

The San Antonio Spurs were tied for the NBA record of 22 consecutive playoff appearances. The Spurs’ streak started in the 1998 NBA Playoffs and was the longest active playoff streak in any major North American sports league.

Source: Yahoo! Sports

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Team SoloMid vs. Golden Guardians / LCS 2020 Summer Playoffs - Winners Bracket Round 1 / Post-Match Discussion


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Team SoloMid 0-3 Golden Guardians

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Winner: Golden Guardians in 32m
Match History

Bans 1Bans 2GKTD/B
TSMolaf kalista gangplankkennen ekko53.0k83H2 M3 H5 O7
GGakali zilean leblancirelia graves55.7k95I1 O4 O6 B8 [M]
Broken Blade shen 34-1-2TOP5-2-34 mordekaiser Hauntzer
Spica lee sin 32-2-5JNG2-2-21 sett Closer
Bjergsen caitlyn 11-1-4MID0-2-53 ziggs Damonte
Doublelift thresh 20-3-5BOT2-2-32 ashe FBI
Treatz azir 21-2-4SUP0-0-71 morgana huhi


Winner: Golden Guardians in 39m
Match History

Bans 1Bans 2GKTD/B
TSMolaf kalista ekkonidalee camille67.6k116I3 H4 C8 C9 C11
GGakali zilean leblancgraves shen67.2k107M1 H2 C5 C6 C7 B10
Broken Blade ornn 31-2-8TOP2-6-74 gangplank Hauntzer
Spica lee sin 35-1-6JNG2-2-61 sett Closer
Bjergsen azir 23-1-5MID0-1-63 ziggs Damonte
Doublelift caitlyn 11-3-2BOT5-1-22 ashe FBI
Biofrost bard 21-3-6SUP1-1-71 morgana huhi


Winner: Golden Guardians in 27m

Bans 1Bans 2GKTD/B
GGakali leblanc ireliatwisted fate 51.6k118I1 O2 H3 C4 C5
TSMolaf kalista morganagalio kennen46.2k82None
Hauntzer mordekaiser 32-2-1TOP4-1-44 gangplank Broken Blade
Closer graves 24-1-6JNG0-3-43 nidalee Spica
Damonte orianna 32-1-8MID3-2-01 sett Bjergsen
FBI caitlyn 13-2-4BOT1-2-52 ashe Doublelift
huhi tahmkench 20-2-6SUP0-3-51 thresh Biofrost

This thread was created by the Post-Match Team.

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What are you DOING space bro!?

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if underweight models are bad. then so are overweight ones

now before anyone comes at me for being hateful. I would like to say. I don't think the underweight or overweight people are any less beautiful. I believe at beauty come in shapes and colors and sizes.

but the fact of the matter is that being overweight is so unhealthy (yes so is being underweight but while everyone puts down underweight models as unhealthy and unrealistic goals. everyone is putting up 'plus sized' models as brave and amazing). and I'm not saying we should only have small models. no no ofc there should be models of all shapes and sizes.

I also think that overweight models are saying that it's okay to be overweight and not care bout your weight. which I feel like is slightly concerning. because being overweight is so unhealthy and can lead to so many diseases and sudden deaths. and yes you should love yourself regardless of your weight. but I think everyone (overweight. and underweight) should strive to be a healthy weight

anyways, I just believe that if you're gonna say underweight models are unsafe and unreasonable you shouldnt say that overweight models are perfect and brave and amazing and whatnot.

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Whats an unabashed brag about yourself?

A lot of dudes don’t get the opportunity to really talk about something really good about themselves, or that they’ve done/are doing. So let’s hear it fellas.

And by the way, nice cock.

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The reflection of my TV makes it look like Girl With the Pearl Earring is in my backyard

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We just purchased some Lord of the Rings miniatures. I thought this Frodo figure was broken at first...

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The very rare Asperitas Clouds look like ocean waves in the sky

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