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Jerk running around shoving people at a rave gets what he deserves and the crowd cheers.

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Maybe maybe maybe

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(Giveaway) Cyberpunk 2077 Physical Copy

Not sure the best way to do this, but figured I'd give the game away to hopefully a huge fan who's not able to pick this up at launch. I got this early through the Best Buy fiasco, but I also have a digital copy from the Special Edition One X Console that was released earlier this year. US residents only, I can ship it out Monday. I'll pick a winner tomorrow, just leave a comment to your liking. Good luck and looking forward to experiencing launch with you all and exploring Night City!


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speeding driver sees the construction zone way too late

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You want to grow the game of baseball? Make the beer $5.

Ok here’s a rant. There’s so much talk about how to grow the MLB’s fan base. We watch in horror as Manfred guts the game to try to “speed it up” and make it more “engaging”, and not only will it fail, it will turn away old school fans.

Want to get more people to like baseball?? Make the beer $5. Make the hotdogs $1.50. Make the peanuts $2. Get people in the door, and get them to come back.

You’re a baseball fan, what does every single non-baseball fan say to you: “I like going to the games, but I don’t like watching it on TV”. People like going to games because it’s a fun, chill, family-friendly activity to do with your people, not necessarily because they like the sport. But, get them in the park enough times, and they’ll learn how the game works. They’ll learn some of their team’s players. They’ll gain some loyalty and BAM! They’ll become a fan. I’m willing to bet it’s how most of us became fans when we where kids.

Want more people to like the sport, make it easier to come to the games! Unless you live in a couple major markets, you can easily find MLB tickets for under $20. But if you dare to get snacky, you get gouged for twice what you payed for your ticket to eat or drink. I’m not saying everything has to be cheap, premium concessions should be priced at a premium, but affordability needs to be considered.

It’s time to stop focusing on the game-play accessible, and focus on making the experience arround the game accessible. American Football is one of the most convoluted and complicated games out there, but people gravitate to it because the primary viewing method is so accessible and cheap.

There’s data to back this up, the Atlanta Falcons started a Fan First menu at their stadium with affordable prices and TRIPLED their concessions revenue.

The fan experience is the best asset of baseball, and the best tool MLB has to grow the game. They need to focus on what the people care about, and the people care about snacks and beer.

TL;DR: Make it easy for people to have a great time at MLB games, and they’ll grow into fans. Stop gouging the life blood of the sport for every single penny.

Edit: Holllyyy shit I seem to have struck a nerve. Thank you kindly for the awards. I’d like to note, that a $5 Budweiser isn’t, like, a crazy good deal in most of the country.

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Avoiding Taxes

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The first ever documented case of biofluorescence in Tasmanian devils was captured tonight at the Toledo Zoo.

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This Christmas tree farm has Newfies that will cart your tree to your car for you

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