US College Tuition & Fees vs. Overall Inflation [OC]

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Goalball, a sport made for the visually impaired

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🔥 Beautiful female cheetah looking happy

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Graceful Slap

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Real Catholics, huh?

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Soldiers adapting to the times

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For every comment I do a pushup, for every upvote I do 5 crunches. Ama

This is not my idea, I got it from an ama from u/Jacrispy210. I couldn't think of something and thought it was a good idea since I want to do more exercise.

My comments dont count as they're answers, and I'm currently far behind on crutches due to the amount

I have decided at some point after 1k crunches I'll switch to squats to preserve my neck muscles

To clarify these are NOT in one sitting and will be spaced out for at least a week

I am done counting the comments and upvotes since the post has cooled down, and you all should give somebody else post your time and STOP TRYING TO KILL ME

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People that have a reddit account but never post or comment

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TIFU by pranking my wife

My wife has a history of startling/scaring me easily due to me being deaf in one ear from tinnitus (mawp) which has dramatically decreased my situational awareness. She finds it hilarious and I’ve grown to tolerate it cause of love and all.

I decided my time for revenge had come.

Cut to dinner time, about to boil a box of rigatoni pasta when the inspiration hits me from a video on social media I saw. I hide a piece of that rigatoni between my teeth and make my way into the living room where my wife was relaxing on the couch after a long day of being a nurse.

“Hey sweetheart, do you mind rubbing my neck? I feel like I have a kink in it or something” I ask her. At this point I can barley contain my excitement for this amazing prank as she happily begins massaging my neck for me.

After 30-45 seconds, I then bite down hard on that piece of uncooked rigatoni which released a sickening yet satisfying crunch sound. I give a little “ow” sound and immediately go limp, falling face first into the couch.

Now my wife is mostly a calm, non-emotional type person, but her visceral reaction of terror and worry and panic that came flooding out of her while she started to shake my limp body and began to check my vitals made me feel guilt I’ve never felt before. After only a short time I give up on the ruse and show her it was just pasta.

To say she was livid is an understatement. Been sleeping on the couch ever since. Worth it.

tl;dr: I revenge pranked my wife by making her think she killed me.

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Reaching new level of irony

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