I went to take a quick pee on the clock and my boss followed me into the washroom and stood behind me at the urinal with his arms crossed waiting for me to finish..

Been on bad terms with my boss for a while. The whole company hates him.

His office is near the washrooms and I had to walk by it to get to them. Of course, his door was open and he saw me walk past and micromanages everyone so knew it wasn't my break yet. I quickly ran up to the urinal and before the door to the washrooms could shut, he walked in behind me and just stood like 7 or 8 feet behind me not saying anything, but when I was done, I looked at him and he was standing there with his arms crossed with this disappointed look on his face. I didn't say anything, but it was terribly awkward.

I work in a dispatching warehouse, but it's the only major employer in our town really. Heard about this reddit from a youtube video and knew my situation applied.

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That escalated quickly

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Non-Americans what’s this

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Now get back in the car

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LPT: Men out there perhaps insecure about their size – be open to using toys in the bedroom with your partner. Sex toys are not your enemy, they're your friend. Don't be intimidated by them, use them to your advantage.

It can seriously spice up the bedroom for both of you if you're just open to it. Make sure you at least try think of other ways to also pleasure your partner. Nothing more healthier than two people being completely satisfied :)

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Safeway employees in Portland detain a thief who claims he can’t breathe. A bystander records the incident and accuses the employees of being racist

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Komi-San cant communism

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GIVEAWAY: I'm giving away a Megalodon Shark Cash Card to one comment in this thread

Hi, r/GTAOnline! We're r/Millions. We do giveaways every day, and today, in light of the holidays, we're giving away a Megalodon Shark Cash Card to one lucky winner, completely free! 

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Good luck, and have a blessed holiday season!


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🔴Daily Reverse Repo Update 12/20: $1,758.041B - New record🔴

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