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Teaching English and how it is largely spoken in the US

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Sex on the first date

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“I’m Italian and this is hurting me”

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BTC JUST BROKE IT'S ATH! To all people that HODLED during these difficult months: YOU'RE ALL LEGENDS!


To everyone who HODLED during these months: I LOVE YOU! Everyone of you have diamonds balls!!!

We just made history that after all the FUD these months, we still climbed our way back. Crypto is here to stay and step by step the adoption is getting real! El Salvador is already profiting by adopting BTC and buying the dips.

The upcoming months will be legendary and with altcoin season around the corner we have some good times to come.

So a big THANKS to all of you! We'll make history together and our grandkids will thank us.

Again to everyone: I LOVE YOU ALL! Let's party and enjoy this moment.


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Inside the I-70 Avalanche

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