Poor kid's mom walked in on him

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English is not like that... V2

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Annoying brake checker gets pulled over

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BREAKING: FIA refusing to cancel the Russian Grand Prix after heavy rain

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Little contribution to the indentation war

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TIFU by unknowingly having sex with one of my students

Obligatory this is a throwaway, and this happened recently.

I'm fresh out of grad school, and I was part-time teaching as an adjunct professor in a city out East. I have a few lectures with 100+ students. I'm used to sometimes being flirted with by students, since I am a female close to their age (I'm 25), but I shut it down as much as possible. However this story didn't happen in the classroom.

Every once in a while me and my girls go out to the clubs and enjoy ourselves, drinks, dancing, etc. Sometimes things get frisky and stuff goes down. One night I met this guy, let's call him Seth. He complimented my low cut top and one thing led to another and we were in his apartment doing the deed. The next morning I left like normal after staying the night with a guy.

I didn't think anything of it until a week later when i saw him again. I saw him LEAVING MY CLASS. I froze and gathered my things and left. This student was in my vagina one day and in my class the next. Since then I have made sure to avoid all eye contact with him and pretend he isn't there. I'm worried he's gossipping to the other students and I'll get a bad rep.

TL;DR: i'm a young adjunct Prof, went to a bar, slept with a guy, then saw him in my class

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The Evergrande Crisis isn’t FUD; Get ready for big dips in the next week

The Evergrande crash has so far caused a decline of 10-15% in the cryptocurrency market, and while many might buy the dip right now I’d suggest waiting for tomorrow’s even bigger crash

Why crypto (and other markets) will crash tomorrow -

  • The Chinese stock market will open after 2 days of holiday. Everyone is expecting a major crash here

  • Evergrande is expected to default on its loan payment, the same debt which Blackrock owns quite a big bag of, sending out a potential ripple effect

  • Sources out of Beijing say that the CCP are unlikely to bail Evergrande out (this point is just speculation)

So in conclusion, there are bigger dips coming.

Edit: When I wrote this, BTC was at $42k and ETH was at $3k, they’ve now dipped to 40K and 2.7K.

Edit 2: Seems like Evergrande is working on bond payments for Chinese banks and the CCP injected cash into the banking system. We are safe for now, but unless Evergrande comes up with a payment plan for international institutions I’d say this isn’t completely over.

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Best couple's workout ever

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Woman fakes knowing sign language to become an interpreter for police department

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