In front of the Idaho Capitol

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One Piece chapter 1001 spoilers

Korean source

Supernova trio

Chapter is titled - "Onigashima's decisive monster battle".

- Zoro uses Kinemon's fire cutting attack. ("Kitsunebiryuu: Homurasaki")

- Big Mom has an attack that launches fireballs. There is a joke about it.

- The whole chapter is fighting

- There's a line about Kid & Luffy doing something, but it's obscure

Snippet from the final page


Detailed spoilers/raws on Thu/Fri

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Winter morning drive through Madrid, Spain

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This used to be a boat, now it's an island.

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I am a bi guy and gave head for the first time last night and have a new respect for women who give head.

I am a 30 y/o guy who is bi, usually I receive head but last night gave it for the first time not to a stranger but a guy I know and have messed around with. The guy wasn't that big but in the first 30 seconds my jaw was hurting then my mouth got dry and I got bored and kept thinking "when is this dude gonna cum" then I let him cum in my mouth and it was gross but I let him cause that what he wanted. I have been with many women who will give me a marathon 15 min bj swallow and at least pretend to enjoy it. Just the physical part of giving head was exhausting, so to the guys and gals of the world who do it with a smile you have my respect.

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Fastest unmatch I've had in a a long while!

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Spread love to neighbors

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Horny heaven incoming

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On Nov 8th, 2016, a 30m-by-27m and 15m deep sinkhole opened up in Fukuoka, Japan damaging the road & threatening nearby buildings. However, it took only 48 hours to repair power cuts, restore gas and water supplies, as well as fill everything with 6,200 cubic metres of sand & cement.

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