New BC Public Health Orders - Effective Dec 22 (11:59PM) to Jan 18

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Hunting is more frowned upon than fishing, but they both follow the same concept

I made the post unclear, but I mean hunting/fishing for food.

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Halo Shop as of 12/21/2021

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What is one thing that you consider to be an absolute waste of money?

For me it's bottled water. I can't stand to see people going crazy for it at the grocery store. We live in a first world country with probably the cleanest water in the world. Drink from the damn tap or use a filter.

Plastic water bottles are useful at parties or as an impulsive purchase. The vast majority of people can survive the day with a reusable bottle filled up at home.

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Being in the bathroom and doing stuff while your significant other is taking a shit other whatever isn’t weird

I didn’t think this was an unpopular opinion but I was recently downvoted on some comments so I thought this would be a fun opinion to share.

It was on a recent AITA post about a husband hogging the bathroom in the morning taking a shit playing mobile games while the wife needed to do her hair. And I said “why can’t they both do their business at the same time”? And now I feel like maybe I’m the unusual one.

Me and my girlfriend have never cared. And in my opinion everyone shits it’s not that gross to me. I’m curious if this is actually an unpopular opinion.

Edit- meant “or whatever” in the title

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It's just memories...

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I’ve been telling the truth to my students parents, i don’t care.

i (27F) work at a preschool $16.00/hr 40hrs a week as a lead teacher (while incredibly low, it’s the local high for teaching and i only make that much because i have my masters)

The owner of the private school i teach at are charging $1,400-1,600 a month to be in my class (and yet i’m making pennies).

my bosses for the holiday season told the parents if they would like to give cash gifts, “add the cash in your tuition payment and we will distribute it out”.

Boy that really ticked me the fuck off, so much so that i confided in a parent about it. i mentioned if they give our gifts to our bosses, the teachers won’t get a dime. In fact 2 teachers last year quit because there was a large cash gift given to them and my bosses refused to hand it over.

The parent i spoke to got together with the other parents and they made the joint decision to sneak the money in the kids back packs for us to find when we take out their lunch boxes, and my boss is none the wiser.

i happened to accidentally pick up a paper showing my boss transferred $12,000 from an account under the schools name to her personal account, she also happened to be building a brand new in-ground pool at her house.

She gets a brand new pool and i’m debating if i can afford a small fries and a tea from mcdonald’s for lunch. incredible

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I've gotcha covered 🙂

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Cheerleader out of step with routine for the best possible reason

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