Well he is correct

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What the f*ck is Zoom?

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4,100 PUT contracts, pretty dumb but I believe I narrowed the next market crash to this week. Tomorrow is the day I lose 10k or I turn into a millionaire with the crash and roll everything into GME. 🚀 💥

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My mom and I went to Berlington for shoes and found out that nobody cares about human decency there.

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A big drop collecting smaller drops

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Viego is the embodiment of what drives mages off from mid lane

Viego perfectly encapsulates the current gameplay philosophy of Riot: he is manaless, has sustain (or has access to it through runes/items), his kit fixes his supposed problems (he should be a melee champ, yet he has 650 range spammable Q, getting harassed in lane due to his melee nature is fixed by his inbuult sustain).

Add all these stuff up and you get a mana-less, sustained early game bully, who can endlessly shove wave after wave, forcing the mage to spend their mana, or just force trades to burn their mana even faster because he can just heal it back. And even if the mage survives all this until Chapter/Tear, Viego can just 100 to 0 them after 6, especially now that Seekers is garbage. Aaaaaand then Viego can choose to either be a splitpush menace or snowball a teamfights through his invulnerability and grasshopper execute ult. He just does too many things, while he can just straight up stat check or choke out mages from mid, while also scaling really really well.

Edit: Terrorising mid lane, even tho he was designed as a jungler... really good job :)

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“The guy who murdered 8 people had a bad day”. What the F... is wrong with americans?

Okay first of all some guy decides out of the blue that he wants to kill people. He doesn’t go to a specific place, he goes to THREE SEPARATE places and kills people in each one.

Then when he gets caught part of the explanation given by the authorities for this act of disgusting violence is “he had a bad day”. Excuse me?! What the FUCK?! You know who had a bad day, EVERYONE at the places he shot. And you know who REALLY had a bad day, the 8 people who got killed and the 2 who got shot but survived and their families.

I’m actually serious because that kind of mass shooting doesn’t happen anywhere else in the world, or at least not in a developed country. The mass shooting, the explanation. What the fuck?!?

Edit: I do realize this cop or that shooter don’t represent all of americans. My point was there are so many shootings happening in the USA. Even school children. Kids fight, hit each other, but murder?! Seriously, I think murder is kind of “just another Wednesday here” in the USA. Murdering a person is fucking horrific thing. I can’t even imagine the fear you experience when you’re doing something normal as just going to the mall or school and live through a shooting. This is not warzone where you expect to be shot at.

Edit 2: Some people have used the “he’s white so media and authorities try to defend him”. Which is another thing that’s put too much thought into. Who cares about his race or gender? I personally don’t give a fuck whether he was white, yellow, orange or blue. He IS a fucking psycho. My point was that on one hand mass shootings like this are not a rare occurrence in the USA. And on the other, the person who spoke to the media said something so incredibly stupid and honestly disrespectful. Imagine hearing that a loved one was shot because the murderer had a bad day. Just tell it how it is - a fucking psycho who had easy access to guns because of your laws went out on a shooting spree.

Edit 3: Just to answer collectively on a lot of comments that repeat each other.

To the peeps who keep saying and repeating “we’re not all like that” - YES, we know. But a german saying “we’re not all like that” in 1942 wouldn’t make Germany look any better now, would it.

To the people who understood me and tried to answer the question without feeling personally offended, because they can rationally think it through and realize that while not all americans are like that and they are definitely not like that, there is an actual problem in your country, thank you for your comment.

To the people who use stats presenting that gun related deaths are around 30 000 people a year of which only about 2% are incident related - this guy killed 8 people, assume this happens every month for a year that’s 96 people, out of 30 000 that’s less than 1%. In numbers that might not sound bad, but a mass shooting every month is defently bad. (not implying that’s the case, just making a point about “only 2%”)

To the people who attacked me and my post based on my presumable race - what the fuck?

To the grammar and perfectly correct people, yes, by “americans” I meant people from the USA, even though there’s North, South and Central America. My post was about an event that happened in the USA where people are also “american” so I thought that was clear. Sorry for your confusion.

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LPT: If you use puppy pads for your pets don't buy the pads in the pet isle. The human incontinence pads are cheaper, better quality, and you get more in the package!

I have an older dog so I have ended up saving hundreds of dollars on training pads! The can be found next to the feminine hygiene and adult briefs typically by the in store pharmacies.

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