They're so annoying ngl

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Turbo jet stove

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Total fool

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Why do anorexic/bulimic people get so much emotional support but overweight/obese people just get treated like animals?

For context, I used to be obese during my childhood and teens, and people constantly bullied me for being fat. Now that I'm an adult I'm anorexic and can barely eat without having anxiety attacks, I am depressed and alone. The difference is people try to help me now.

Is there a biological reason we hate fat people so much, or can there actually be a societal change to give them the support they need? I want to help them but I get ugly looks from people when I say fat people have an eating disorder too...

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And I thought parallel parking on a road was tough

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Shooting at Oakland Juneteenth celebrations last night leave one dead and five injured. This is how people reacted when the ambulance arrived

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In 2018, Annamaria Horvathova, a Roma girl from Slovakia won a running race wearing just ballerinas on her feet. Last week, she became a 1500m champion of Slovakia in her age group.

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Wedding culture is so weird. I'll never understand why would you want to pay thousands of dollars to accommodate and feed hundreds of people that don't care that much about you to "celebrate your love"

Pretty much just what the title says. I understand that it's a celebration of love between two people, but sometimes it's just too much. A bridal party, where the maid of honor and the bridesmaids feel obligated to pay for their dresses, make up and everything the bride wants, expensive unnecessary stuff, a rehearsal dinner, a venue for a lot of people you don't ever see, sometimes a destination wedding where you have to spend money you don't have for a hotel, a plane among other things. The culture is so weird too, relationships and friendships can be deteriorated if you don't agree on everything about the wedding. I see everything just plain ridiculous.

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TIFU by being a guy who hasn't dated anyone in years

I went on a third date with a fantastic girl and we kissed and hugged and cuddled. I recently started dating her and it’s been a long time since I’ve been in physical contact with the opposite sex. The date sounds pleasant doesn’t it? Well, I’m the middle of just talking with our arms around each other, I look down and see a wet spot. Uh oh. I think I know what that is.

A few minutes later the spot gets larger and “it” gets bigger. I’m going to adjust my legs and it’s pretty evident it’s there. What do I do being the genius person I am? I tell her, hey uh I’m a bit wet sorry. I said it bc I figured she’d see it anyways. Luckily she understands and is pretty chill about it. Thank god.

But yeah that was not fun. It was embarrassing bc it was in public and pretty evident what it was. Luckily it dried off in time.

Weird thing is I like her a lot, but I wasn’t thinking of anything other than hugging her at that time. Guys it’s precum not actual cum

Update: she's my gf now, soooo it wasn't all that bad

Update 2: I didn’t expect this to get this famous, I sent her the link and she’s laughing out loud with me 😂 wholesome 😂

TL;DR - hadn't gone on a date in years and ended up getting my pants "wet"

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