Comparison is the thief of you, after all.

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No way this goes tits up! Updated..

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Step 1: Open mouth. Step 2: insert foot. Repeat as necessary

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TIFU by Eating Shrimp with my boyfriend and his family :/

Okay so, this actually happened two days ago but I’m still cringing about it.

I recently started dating this guy and two days ago he asked if I wanted to go to a fancy restaurant with him and his family. I, of course, said yes because hey, he’s my boyfriend and I wanted to meet some of his family.

So the day arrives and everything starts out normal. I meet his relatives then we head to the restaurant. We sit down and my boyfriend orders lobster and I order stuffed shrimp. Keep in mind, I don’t eat a lot of seafood and have only just recently started eating shrimp(Honestly, shrimp is amazing. I love it)

Our food arrives and we all start digging in. I grabbed my first shrimp and devoured it without any issue. I grab a second piece and ate it. As I was chewing I turn to see my boyfriend looking at me weird. I quickly turn to his relatives who are giving me similar looks. And this is conversation that transpired:

Me to my bf: What is it?

BF(staring at me in awe): Did you just eat the shrimp with the tail on?

Me: yeah why?

BF: You can’t do that!

Me(confused): Wait what?

BF: u/numbskull56 no! That’s harmful!

BF’s Brother: Yeah bud, can’t do that. It’s not good for your stomach.

Me(internally realizing I messed up): Oh bleep....

Bf: you’re supposed to take the tail off first! :/

So then his aunt, who was seated next time hands me her napkin and is like “please spit it out” I do and she then says “(bf’s name), show him how to take the shell off. My boyfriend does as she instructs and comments: “I never thought I had to teach someone how to eat shrimp”.

So yeah....that rest of the dinner I just didn’t make eye contact with any of his relatives. Oh and not to mention, literally after he showed me how to take the shrimp tail off, I tried to do the same and I ended up dropping my meal :/

Now I’m here typing this out and trying to decide if I’ll ever eat shrimp again :(

TL;DR: I ate shrimp, learned that you can’t eat the tail, and that his family probably thinks I’m a weirdo. facepalms

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Kindness shared in small quantities

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Bleep bleep bloop

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Man's Best Friend

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🚨Citadel makes formal complaint about the Lucy Komisar article in less the 24 hrs 🚨 😭😂🤣 BULLISH AF!! 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

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Amazon delivery idiot

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Thanks I hate train-cart dilemma

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