My sister and her longtime girlfriend finally got married last night ❤️

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Go fast, I must.

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Pack in the mail, it’s gone

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Not all Netflix movies are bad, it's just that the good ones are so small they don't get attention.

We've all heard it before and it certainly feels like it. However, the bad rep is mostly attached to the heavily marketed, big budget productions. The hidden gems can be mostly found on independently produced, international movies.

I've compiled a list of some of what I think are the best Netflix Originals, both Netflix-produced and distributed (meaning they didn't produce it, but bought the distribution rights after watching it at a festival.)

  • Calibre (2018): Two best friends go hunting and accidentally kill a person. The film is so tense and hard to watch that I had to pause it several times because I couldn't take it.

  • Cam (2018): It feels like this movie came out of nowhere and I my expectations were so low that I ended up loving it. It's a horror/thriller in which a cam girl finds her clone doing another live show and her online identity is completely stolen.

  • November 13: Attack on Paris: A devastating three-part docuseries about the terrorist attack that took place in Paris November 2015. It features interviews from both the survivors and first responders. I wasn't able to watch more than one episode per day because it's so depressing.

  • Sunday's Illness (La Enfermedad del Domingo): A Spanish movie that might feel slow to some, but whose captivating plot and eerie atmosphere will keep you glued to the screen. It's a mother-daughter drama that sometimes feels like a horror movie. A24 fans will love it.

  • Tramps (2016): Two aspiring criminals are brought together in what feels like one of the freshest romantic comedies since 500 Days of Summer.

  • Mirage (2018): Another Spanish movie, this time a Sci-Fi thriller in which a storm breaks the space-time continuum which then causes a parallel universe, giving the main character a chance to possibly prevent a tragic accident. Think of it like Frequency meets Fringe.

  • I Don't Feel At Home in this World Anymore (2017): A dark comedy where a woman teams up with her eccentric neighbor to get revenge on the people who robbed her apartment. It's extremely entertaining, but when you think about it, it's a weird love story.

  • Amanda Knox (2016): True crime fans will enjoy this documentary about an American girl who allegedly murdered a student in Italy.

  • Cargo (2018): Martin Freeman stars in this post-apocalyptic thriller about a father trying to find a home for his daughter after a pandemic.

  • Audrey and Daisy: This devastating doc explores the suicide of two teenage girls who got sexually assaulted and cyberbullied after drinking at a high school party.

  • Shimmer Lake (2017): In a small town, a group of sheriffs try to track down three bank robbery suspects. It's like a watered-down version of Fargo, but still funny and entertaining.

  • The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind (2019): A boy tries to save his family from a famine by learning to build a windmill on his own.

  • One of Us (2017): Documentary where some members of Brooklyn's Hasidic community open up about the emotional toll and consequences of trying to leave their community.

  • The Discovery (2017): The movie's universe is one where the afterlife has been scientifically proven. The critics kinda trashed this one (it has 44% on Rotten Tomatoes), but as lover of Sci-Fi and metaphysical questions, the film presents a lot of interesting ideas and it's impossible not to be captivated by it if you like those themes.

  • Gerald's Game: Based on Stephen King's novel, a woman is left handcuffed to her bed after her husband suddenly dies while trying to spice up their sex life.

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Do your worst!

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I’m at a loss for words on this one

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Beesechurger had to get an amputation yesterday, but he's still the strongest boi I know

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That smile tho

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Hope nobody already made something like this ^^'

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Shampoo be like: YEET

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