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This chain sausage sculpture

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Makes you think about the other episodes...

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9-year-old girl calmly evades creepy guy

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When you show your mate something funny

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[OC] The Lost State of Florida: Worst Case Scenario for Rising Sea Level

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I found this photo, now its my new favorite photo.

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r/news reacts to "young white male" "neckbeard" suspect in shootings at Asian spas in Atlanta

Compared to comments on other Reddit posts about attacks on Asians, top comments were arguing a narrative that this shooting targeting Asians isn't racism and they have replies arguing back:

Conservatives brigade these threads pushing black-Asian racism narratives all the time. They feign ignorance when people draw connections to Trump / conservatives making China / covid xenophobia socially permissible. Now it's a white kid. Let's see what they have to say.

From what I've seen elsewhere, they're saying this is a coverup because the media doesn't want to report that black people are committing all the hate crimes. Can't make this shit up.


my thinking leads me to believe its work related or a spurned customer who has anything against Spas and masseuses. Sad

Does pube chin over there look remotely like he ever set foot in a spa, much less worked for one?

Wonder what his reddit username is.

He might be a mod at r/conspiracy

had social media saying he loved "guns and God". I wonder if he was Q'd up too. https://www.thedailybeast.com/seven-killed-in-shootings-at-atlanta-spas?ref=scroll


Man murders 8 Asian Women in 2 hours....presumably a series of hate crimes against Asian people ... and is arrested driving a Hyundai Tuscon. You can't make this shit up.

Could be a hatred for prostitutes rather than asians.

I am familiar with Atlanta you can find prostitutes in a multitude of colors easier than you could find 8 Asian ones that fast if that was his goal.


Rising comments:

Being Asian American right now...feels bad man

Or blaming black people for the anti Asian racism. It’s like no no no, black people weren’t the ones who started calling it the China virus like a certain someone in the White House did.

And then you get people in this thread telling us it's not real and it's not happening.

Oh man, tell me about it. Whenever you try to speak up about anti-asian racism people will blatantly gaslight you like it doesn't exist. Why do people do this?

Probably because they subconsciously remember all the times they were outright racist to Asian people.

Our issues as minorities are secondary. Immigrants from well developed nations are going to fair better than the global south countries. However, we're all asians so we're all the same I guess. Growing up I've spent a lot of time diminishing my accomplishments since I viewed them from an obvious perspective of someone who grew up in the US. My white peers didn't have to translate for their parents at age 7 and 8. They didn't have to be involved with the finances.

See, when people hear "white privilege" they often get defensive saying things like "white people can be poor too" or something similar. To me, the greatest privilege that hardly crosses most people's minds is the mental freedom of being able to travel and live anywhere in your own country without fearing of being the target of some kind of hate or ignorance--whether it be someone whispering a racial slur behind your back or straight up violence, or even something as innocent as the question we get too often, "no, where are you really from?" Maybe my fears are overblown, but even before the rise of these hate crimes I've never felt like I could see the USA by myself without having to deal with that shit. It sucks feeling like an outsider in your own home.


I’m so tired. This country gives no shit about my family. My grandmother works at a stereotypically Asian place (nail salon) and I get more worried for her physical safety every day. Edit: the insane amount of jokes in this thread just prove my point that anti-Asian racism isn’t taken seriously.

Agreed. This is such bullshit to see news like this and be told that it’s not about race. Growing up Asian in America and trying to prove that I’ve faced racism only to have White people tell me I haven’t makes this recent news even more enraging. Hits home.

I’m white and I see anti Asian racism entrenched in American culture. Hell half the shit on tv growing up made fun of Asian people even Disney shows.

I’m Indigenous and I concur with this. The depictions of asians in cartoons and other media reminds me a LOT of depictions of native people. It’s all stereotypes and nonsense. I hate it and it’s not ok no matter who it happens to.

I mean hollywood has a history of objectifying asian women, and dehumanising asian men. unfortunately, as China and USA keeps butting heads, anti asian racism will keep exploding.

Shit has been out of control especially since Trump's Kung-flu shit. Yet the moment someone says something about racism some shit about Blacks/BLM is brought up like there's not enough racist piece's of shit in this country to cover all nationalities. I'm black and I've seen racism directed at blacks, Latino's, Natives, anyone resembling a Muslim and Asians. If you have a word that describes you in front of American you have been a victim of racism in america


“Suspected was apprehended without further incident” you mean after the police chase? Sounds about white.


With the targets being Asian women at massage parlors and the suspect being a young white male I’m guessing this is either racist or incel bullshit

why not both

Tomato tomato.

Cant wait for Fox News to determine this is a lone wolf outlier mentally ill person and it’s all random acts.

More likely Fox pretends that it didn’t happen and keeps on reporting about how the liberal woke cancel culture made Beanie Babies disappear or whatever smokescreen they’re using to avoid reporting on things that actually affect people’s lives.

Bingo. Fox’s biggest lies are those of omission. This will become, “He needed mental health assistance and didn’t get it from Obamacare, this is Biden’s fault!” Followed by more “Repeal & Replace” with no actual replacement.


This month on “incel, racist, or just plain crazy?”

That Venn diagram might as well be a circle.


More drama about pushing the narrative away from hate crimes:

r/conservative punching the air finding out it wasn't a black person.

Rest of reddit jerking itself to death finding out it for once was not a black person, so now they dont need to pretend it didnt happen.

It’s very sad that it will likely break this way. However this place is 100% a brothel, which means lots of cash on premises, so there’s a chance it was targeted for that reason. It’s a horrible tragedy either way, but if I had to pick I’d hope it turns out to be a robbery gone wrong and not yet another hate crime EDIT: are the people downvoting this actually rooting for this to be a hate crime? Another hate crime further strikes fear in Asian Americans that they are not safe just for looking Asian AND further emboldens likeminded domestic terrorists to do the same. A botched robbery not so much. Y’all are sick with your murder porn.


Good for Georgia?

And he looks like the kind of person who has some real solid opinions on things.

Good that he’s in custody. Now he can get the proper punishment for this sort of crime in GA. He’ll be on trial for the death penalty. I don’t think you can really reform someone who takes that many innocent lives. Edit: it’s not confirmed the suspect is arrested for all 3 shootings. Innocent until proven guilty and all.

Fucking neck bearded piece of shit

holy shit you ain't kiddin he's got a literal neckbeard. lol jesus.


Radicalization and age:

i can’t imagine being only 21 and being full of that much hate.

The Charleston Church Shooter was 21, as was the El Paso Walmart shooter.

​>The Charleston car attacker was 20, same as the nazi who murder Blaze Bernstein.

​>Ponway Synagogue shooter was 19.

​>Unfortunately it seems like young white supremacist terrorists aren't that uncommon.

Young people are easier to influence than old people. Good and bad.

So many Trump voters were old cunts.

Their opinions weren't changed by trump. They were given a voice and a face


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Saying “I’m a bad bitch” or “I’m crazy when I want to be” is the female equivalent of a guy talking about how alpha he is.

There is honestly nothing cool about acting like an annoying mentally unstable person. It’s just like the notliketheothergirls mentality. I think people who glorify this type of behavior are just desperately seeking validation from other people. Girls who do this just reminds me of guys whenever they talk about being alpha or cool.

I think we should start glorifying being a decent human being. Also the type of people like this are usually the loudest most obnoxious people. The kind of people who care more about shit on social media than real life.

All of this just screams insecurity

Edit: People saying bad bitch means “I’m hot” or “are taking back degrading words” this is literally the exact same as claiming to be alpha.

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