What are some (work/trade) secrets you’re legally bound to not share but can share here anonymously?

Edit: you guys are making some really interesting comments. Thanks a lot.

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Was easily tricked

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HR tried to Get Rid of my Dad right before he was able to get his pension

My Father worked for a Forbes 500 company since the 70s. Moved up the ranks as a software engineer and management, has patents for the company that saved it millions of dollars. He's almost to pension age and suddenly HR starts making his life miserable. He noticed this trend was happening to some of his coworkers when they were getting close to age 60 as well.

HR Lady calls him into the office and says that he was not punching in and out at the correct time. My Father, an engineer, is very very detail oriented. He knew that these were false accusations and asked HR to prove it. They came back a week later and couldn't prove it. And he said, "Of course you can't. I have been driving the corporate carpool bus from [A major city 40 miles away from the company] for the last 15 years. I always have 16 witnesses on my clock in time and I haven't been late in 15 years."

HR Lady came back a week later and they said that they were going to fire him for letting people into the building without badging. He asked to see when and where he was letting someone into the building without badging. They showed that he held the door for his best friend who had also been working there since the 70s who had his foot cut off after having type 2 diabetes. He was in a wheelchair.

Prior to this my dad took the chief of security out for lunch and told him about how this company wanted him to leave before he got his pension so he got some footage of his own. My dad said, "That is very interesting. You are going to fire me for holding the door for my best friend of 35 years after his foot was amputated and he was in a wheelchair? Fine then I hope you fire the CEO and yourself as well!!!" He then proceeded to show footage of the HR lady holding the door for his friend and the CEO holding the door for his friend.

My Father ended up staying there until he got his pension.

Edit: I don't know his finances and he probably wouldn't have lost the whole pension but there was a definite financial difference from being fired prior to reaching age 60 and making it to age 60.

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These fishermen scooping up a struggling fawn in a fishing net and driving it back to shore to reunite it with its mother

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Simple as that

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I know exactly who is holding the 0.5$ puts expiring on July 16

So you know those 'worthless' 0.5$ 148,426 puts that are expiring on July 16? I may know exactly who owns those:


So we know our friend Shitadel has 3,271,400 shares in puts on GME or 32714 in option contracts from their latest 13F filing:


We also know that Susquehanna has 6,151,100 shares in puts on GME or 61511 in option contracts from their latest 13F filing:


Hmm....so at this point we have 32714 + 61511 = 94225 in option contracts.

Now I was wondering what our old friend was up to before they hid their 13F filings:


MELVIN CAPITAL with 5,400,000 in GME puts or 54000 in option contracts.

Now at this point I was like: "no way this matches exactly or close by".

32714 + 61511 + 54000 = 148,225 in OPTION CONTRACTS COMBINED.

Remember how those motherfuckers said they closed their public put positions?


EDIT: To clarify - Melvin's 13F with 15$ strike is the last one from last year that revealed their position.

They can roll them forward and change the price:


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It’s that time of year again

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Mark Hamill reveals the difference between blue milk and green milk

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In the heat of the moment

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I Got My 9 Month AA Chip Today 🥰

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