Happy birthday, Jean! No grand gestures needed, just a lazy afternoon

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One year ago the Italian army had to be deployed to relieve the morgue of Bergamo, Italy and bring the corpses of covid19 victims to be burned in other locations in northern Italy. This day has been chosen to remember the victims of the pandemic.

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Those Nords are savage

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Many of the GME investors on this sub are toxic and need to get their acts together

TLDR: if you’re one of the people that comments in DDs that the stock isn’t GME or is distracting people from GME, you’re the bad kind of retarded.

What is happening with GameStop was and is incredible, but this is not a GameStop subreddit. I’m so tired of reading through the incredible DDs in this sub only to arrive at the comment section where some smooth brained dolt wrote, “not GME, downvote” or some bullshit like that. There’s already a GME subreddit and a daily mega thread to try to keep you people from running this sub into the ground.

So if you’re worried that your 5 shares @220 might not actually turn into 100k, make a Twitter account and start shilling GameStop there. I am aware that the GameStop play is still happening and don’t need the opinion of a 16 year old whose mommy still direct deposits money in their bank account every week.

Let me read and plagiarize the DDs written by the real autists in peace. Thank you.

Edit: mods get that pee martini ready for me, shaken not stirred. If you disagree with me get fucked. This is my post and karma only goes up 🚀🚀

Edit 2: A big thank you to the mods as they have delivered the nectar of the bulls. It goes down smooth, like GME shill’s brains. Good luck to everyone with money in the market tomorrow and GME to 1,000,000🦍🦍🦍

Edit 3: I want to reiterate that I’m not all hot and bothered by the volume of GME posts. It’s the ninnies that go into posts regarding other topics and fuck about. They’re like jehovas witnesses who knock on the doors of honest, hardworking, American DDs and try to convert them. In a few years they’ll teach classes about GME, but for now let me read about other autistic shit.

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Her father chose not to eject to save crashing into a school. I can see why she is so proud.

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I saw this a long time ago

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Skip button go BRRRR

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What the hell happened to FedEx? They used to be the gold standard in deliveries. Now if I see that my package is coming via them, I know it will be late or banged up...probably both.

Wow, this blowed up real good! Maybe someone at FedEx will see this and tell the bosses that there are some dissatisfied customers out here.

Probably not.

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