$GME Daily Discussion - June 23, 2021

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Not-TOAD-day dudes

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Sending the cake

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*repeats this cycle for the entire day*

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Match Thread: Final - India vs New Zealand, Day 6

Final, ICC World Test Championship at Southampton

Cricinfo | Reddit-Stream | ☀️ ☀️ ☀️ ☀️ 🌤

India217/10 (Ov 92.1)
New Zealand249/10 (Ov 99.2)
India77/4 (Ov 38.2)
Rishabh Pant*54125.0
Ajinkya Rahane040.0
Tim Southee13.2282
Kyle Jamieson14172
Recent : . . . . W . | . . . 1 . . | . . W . 1 . | 4 .

Day 6 - Session 1: India lead by 45 runs. CRR: 2.00

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Please don't post illegal streaming links in match threads

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New Song Cover Premiere!!!! GOODBYE SENGEN by TAKANASHI KIARA ✨ Please take this while I am on my vacation!

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There's a sink next to you

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Loki S01E03 - Discussion Thread

This thread is for discussion about the episode.

Insight will be on for the next 24 hours!

We will also be removing any threads posted within these 24 hours to prevent unmarked spoilers to go up onto the sub

Discussion about previous episodes is permitted, discussion about episodes after this is NOT.

Proceed at your own risk: Spoilers for this episode do not need to be tagged inside this thread.

S01E03Kate HerronMichael WaldronJune 23, 2021 on Disney+

For additional discussion about Marvel shows on Disney+, visit r/MarvelStudiosPlus

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I will always love you mom and dad, and thank you

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Incase you needed help finding all of the Korok Seeds :)

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