If you had to last 3 minutes with one of Spiderman's villains for $3 million, who would you choose?

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Received my final paycheck like this... Stay Classy.

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POS Parents' reaction to their son coming out as gay

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I just picked up some dogs that were dumped on a mountain highway... my house.. is chaos. (Don't worry I have pending homes and fosters for them)

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[Postgame Thread] UCF Defeats Florida 29-17

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I make six figures doing nothing

I’m a developer at a large firm where no one really knows what anyone else is doing.

I’ve continually asked my boss for more work, but she just says to “keep doing what I’m doing.”

Well I’m doing nothing. Literally nothing. I get all of my tasks done in maybe 10 hours every week, if that.

I have no idea how long this’ll last but it’s been two years and I’m making over 100K a year.

If I hadn’t joined this sub, I probably would’ve considered finding a new job where I can have more things to do. I used to be a productivity addict.

Fuck that shit. I’m gonna milk this for as long as humanly possible.

Edit: RIP my inbox

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On this day in 1988, New York cop John McClane thwarted a terrorist attack on Nakatomi Tower

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Arnold Schwarzenegger donated $250,000 to built 25 tiny homes intended for homeless vets in West LA, which were turned over a few days before Christmas.

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"Women prefer... " Is Not A Valid Argument For Male Circumcision

Women's preferences are irrelevant when it comes to male circumcision, especially that of infants. It has been something that's been pissing me off lately.

Anytime I see that argument, I immediately disregard the argument being made. Circumcision is genital mutilation and is a barbaric practice that is still being done on male infants to this day.

I am a firm believer that circumcision on infants should be outlawed and that they should be given a choice when they are older. It should not be forced upon them when they are unable to choose.

Saying that women prefer something over the other when it come's to a male's autonomy is backwards, simply because it isn't their body and they shouldn't be making decisions on what gets cut off it.

But yeah, that's just my 2 cents on the issue.

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