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[Post Game Thread] #11 UCLA defeats #11 Michigan State, 86-80 in OT

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Video showcases various women being harassed and sexually assaulted by creepy men while live-streaming.

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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier S01E01 - Discussion Thread

This thread is for discussion about the episode.

Insight will be on for the next 24 hours!

Discussion about previous episodes is permitted, discussion about episodes after this is NOT.

Proceed at your own risk: Spoilers for the episode do not need to be tagged inside this thread.

S01E01Kari SkoglandMalcolm SpellmanMarch 19, 2021 on Disney+

For more in-depth discussion about Marvel shows on Disney+, visit r/MarvelStudiosPlus

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Save Americans

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Stop overfeeding your cats!

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Drawing on whiteboard for History class

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Guy beatboxes, bird dances

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GME Megathread for March 19, 2021

This thread will be automatically stickied weekdays at 8:30am, and unstickied at 9:15am.

Megathreads are now posted automatically based on a few factors, including:

  • Mentions by comment count, weighted by comment novelty and score

  • Accounts of users mentioning, weighted by age, posting history, and previous mod actions

  • Stock volatility, volume, and market cap

This isn't an exhaustive list, but to prevent this from being gamed, we cannot share the exact weightings or specifics.

These megathreads exist to consolidate conversation about interesting topics and make things easily accessible and enjoyable for all.

Please do your part in making these threads decent. Don't troll. Don't spam. Don't spread divisiveness (calling others shills / bots).

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Hiding Place

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