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Merry Christ...

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James Webb Space Telescope Megathread - Launch of the largest space telescope in history 🚀✨

This is the official r/space megathread for the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope, you're encouraged to direct posts about the mission to this thread, although if it's important breaking news it's fine to post on the main subreddit if others haven't already.


Happy holidays everyone! After years of delays, I can't believe we're finally here. Today, the joint NASA-ESA James Webb Space Telescope (J.W.S.T) will launch on an Ariane-5 rocket from Kourou, French Guiana at 7:20 EST / 12:20 UTC. For those that don't know, this may be the most important rocket launch this century so far. The telescope it'll carry into space is no ordinary telescope - Webb is a $10 billion behemoth, with a 6.5m wide primary mirror (compared to Hubble's 2.4m). Unlike Hubble, though, Webb is designed to study the universe in infrared light. And instead of going to low Earth orbit, Webb's being sent to L2 which is a point in space several times further away than the Moon is from Earth, all to shield the telescope's sensitive optics from the heat of the Sun, Moon and Earth.

What will Webb find? Some key science goals are:

  • Image the very first stars and galaxies in the universe

  • Study the atmospheres of planets around other stars, looking for gases that may suggest the presence of life

  • Provide further insights into the nature of dark matter and dark energy

However, like any good scientific experiment, we don't really know what we might find!

Countdown until launch

Launch time, in your timezone


Q: When is the launch time?

A: Today, at 7:20 am EST / 12:20 UTC, see above links to convert into your timezone. The weather at Kourou looks a little iffy so there is a chance today's launch gets postponed until tomorrow morning due to unacceptably bad weather.

Q: How long until the telescope is 'safe'?

A: 29 days! Even assuming today's launch goes perfectly, that only marks the beginning of a nail-biting month-long deployment sequence, where the telescope gradually unfurls in a complicated sequence that must be executed perfectly or the telescope is a failure... and even after that, there is a ~6 month long commissioning period before the telescope is ready to start science. So it will be many months before we get our first pictures from Webb.

Timeline of early, key events (put together on Jonathan McDowell's website )

L+00:00: Launch

L+27 minutes: JWST seperates from Ariane-5

L+33 minutes: JWST solar panel deployment

L+12.5 hours: JWST MCC-1a engine manoeuvre

L+1 day: JWST communications antennae deploy

🔴 YouTube link to official NASA broadcast, which is live now

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Read the situation, you dumb shit

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My wife of 14 years, and mother of our 4 kids, worked so hard this year to accomplish her goal of getting back to the same size she was when we got married. She needs new clothes now, so tomorrow morning I'm going to surprise her with a brand new wardrobe that I've been putting together for months.

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Owl never forgive you

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LPT: Don't avoid photos during gatherings; you'll want more of them one day.

I've always been self conscious about how I look in pictures, but as I get older and people move or pass away, I wish I had taken/been in more group/family photos. It's easy to take time for granted. Take advantage of photo opportunities while you can.

Edit: This advice was never meant to focus exclusively on family. No one should ever feel encouraged to immortalize time spent in an unhealthy situation or environment. I worded this advice broadly because I hope that those who experience difficult family dynamics can enjoy valuable connections elsewhere with whomever they call loved ones.

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Some subways allow dogs to sleep in during the colder months

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Breaking News : Steam has been banned in China.. The store has been included in the "wall" list along with the community

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Engine shut off is the worst “feature” ever

A lot of newer vehicles have a feature where the engine shuts off when you come to complete stop, kind of like a golf cart. This feature was designed to save fuel apparently.

Has anyone tried to cross a fast moving intersection with this feature, it is horrible. It’s like driving with lag, and downright dangerous.

Not to mention most of these damn vehicles turn it on by default, some not even allowing you to turn it off unless you buy some aftermarket kit. In my truck my routine is to hop in start it up and flick the auto stop button off. I have to do this everytime the vehicle is started, there is no toggle, no way to default it to off.

Tldr: engine shut off is a shitty and dangerous option that doesn’t save shit for gas anyhow.

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