Mariah Carey meets Ozzy Osborne (1999)

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Pupper tries to protect his sand hole from the ocean

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Pubes are here to stay!

This happened years ago but I'm still mad about it.

I had an ex boyfriend of mine try to explain to me how to shave my pubes. He said what his ex would do is spread apart her lips to get the hair inside. I flipped out on him because 1. I FUCKING KNOW HOW! 2. IF YOU LIKE HOW YOUR EX DID IT, THEN GO BACK TO HER!? I don't need to hear what she did better. I've also had other men tell me "I don't like hair in my food" and other shitty comments. Meanwhile, these dudes never shave their balls or back hair?! But don't want a single hair on ladies?? What the fuck?

Shaving my pubes has always been an uphill battle for me. I've tried every trick, so don't bother commenting with suggestions. Waxing was too fucking painful and expensive. I have Italian heritage, so I'm naturally a hairy girl. I feel like anytime I shave, I end up looking like a plucked chicken with ingrowns everywhere. So, the hair is here to stay. I still trim it just so I dont look like a total wild child, but my vag is clean and beautiful. Anyone that doesn't like it can take a walk.

Luckily, I've found a darling husband who actually loves hair on women. He also likes stretch marks, bellies, slight BO, and other things "ya just don't see anymore", as he puts it.

Do whatever makes you feel comfortable and beautiful ladies.

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Blursed Hunting

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Why anyone would choose to break check a truck is beyond me, as if you’d win

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GME Megathread for March 23, 2021

This thread will be automatically stickied weekdays at 8:30am, and unstickied at 9:15am.

Megathreads are now posted automatically based on a few factors, including:

  • Mentions by comment count, weighted by comment novelty and score

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  • Stock volatility, volume, and market cap

This isn't an exhaustive list, but to prevent this from being gamed, we cannot share the exact weightings or specifics.

These megathreads exist to consolidate conversation about interesting topics and make things easily accessible and enjoyable for all.

Please do your part in making these threads decent. Don't troll. Don't spam. Don't spread divisiveness (calling others shills / bots).

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This guy hopped in my truck walked with me to the door a posed for a pic with the package

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Little sister has got her back

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They said it could not be done

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He isn't on skates

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