This Coraline cosplay

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Turks search for Americans in Lyon, France amid ethnic tensions over Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. This is happening in the 21st century.

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Had a fun time doin this one!

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They probably forgot how it's like being poor

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Some kid at my school dressed up as a FUCKING TANK for Halloween

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Having a drink with my friends

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Kid at my son's school dressed up as Covid-19

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Rick Rescorla, Unsung hero of 9/11

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Service dog protects owner's head during seizure

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Genshin Impact - Update 1.1 Thread


I would like to create a megathread from CN stream for an Update 1.1.

I will try to update this thread ASAP with the newest information from the stream.

• Update 1.1 - Trailer Overview (EN)

  • Update 1.1 will be released 11th of November 2020.

• 4 New Characters:

• New Quests:

  • Liyue story chapter will be finished in Update 1.1

  • Keqing, Xiao & Ganyu will show up in the story with the next update

  • (from previous leaks he should be also a new Weekly boss in Liyue but I am not sure if they showed it on stream)

• New Reputation System:

• Other stuff:

6 New Items:

• New Event:

Unreconciled Stars Event:

• Redeem Code: GenshinZHB30 (GLOBAL - 160 Primogems (AR10+))

  • No news mentions about Resin changes

  • No news about a New character banners (Most likely they will be probably released with Update 1.1 & in the middle of it)

I changed most of the stuff to EN version and that is probably it from me. Thanks a lot for reading and all awards!

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