Zero faith in his Son

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Short dog problems..

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Hasta la vista

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[OC] Ranking states by the relative popularity of 'cuckold' searches on xHamster

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Nvidia 3000 GPUs - Just remember, your monitor and its' refresh rate and CPU are everything when it comes to your decision.

People with 9 or 10 series cards, that 3070 is an incredible purchase no doubt about it. The performance jump is amazing for you.

I'd be giddy with excitement.


If you're sat on a 970 or a 1060 or a 1080, I'd wager your CPU, RAM and Mobo are dated.

The 3070 if Nvidia are to be believed (and I remain sceptical based on...all other releases of GPUs ever), will rival the 2080ti.

PHOENOMENAL COSMIC POWAAAAAAAH! And yes, idibity living space if you're sat on a 7+ year old CPU, DDR3 RAM and a 1080p monitor at 60 or 120hz like MOST PEOPLE ARE THESE DAYS if Steam surveys are to be believed.

If so, and you're on old hardware, the 3070 will be completely wasted on you. If you're on old hardware, I don't think you've seen what a 2080ti is capable of in person. And the 3070 is basically on par with it (possibly). The 2080ti is built for 4K 60+ FPS. And is ENTIRELY wasted on a 1080p monitor.

A 10 series card is more than capable of running 1080p on a 120hz monitor. A 9 series struggles.

Unless you're jumping to 1440p 100hz, 120z or 144hz, or a 4K setup with a CPU, Mobo and RAM to match...the 3070 is a waste of power on you.

You absolutely SHOULD upgrade your CPU and RAM and Mobo and monitor to match the power of the 3070.


Don't grab a 3000 series card unless you're going to match the rest of your hardware with it, including and especially the monitor.

You're looking at the best part of $300-500 on a new 1440p 144hz monitor, similar for a CPU ideally Ryzen [Edit - okay some are pissing at me about fanboyism here, but you're picking Nvidia over AMD because Nvidia are better so how is that different to Ryzen over Intel when Ryzen are faster or just as fast for far less money?], another $50-100 on RAM, another $100-200 on a mobo.

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And I was keen for the PS5 too

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Chapter 989 Spoilers

Via 5ch

  • Chapter 989: “I don’t feel like we are losing”.

  • 3 new Numbers appears, Big Mom says they are the failed version of “Ancient Giants” from Punk Hazard.

  • Franky and Robin fight together.

  • Luffy try to go up for Kaidou, but Queen and King stop him.

  • At the end of the chapter, Straw Hat Pirates standing together.

  • No break next week.

  • Hyogoro is the one who says the phrase that gives the chapter its title.

  • Sanji is just fine after King's blow thanks to the protection of the Raid Suit.

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My mom everyone

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Pretending to a chess player without learning a single rule of the game. All for the 'gram!

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Gandalf is the wooooooooorst

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