I just want to watch a movie.

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Parents exploit their kid for virtue signaling, says a lot about our current generation

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I just had an abortion.

It wasn’t a hard choice, I knew immediately as I saw the two blue lines.

I found out on Saturday night, thankfully, with my boyfriend by my side. We immediately started contacting 24 hour hotlines. I got an appointment at a near by pregnancy centre to talk about how to proceed.

On Monday, I called an woman clinic 2 hours away and got a appointment for Tuesday. Everyone at the clinic was very sweet, and I could tell they weren’t judging me, despite me only being 19, and being the youngest in the room. I choose to get a medical abortion, picked up my pills and went home.

I took the first set on Wednesday, and the second on Thursday. I was scared. Not because I regretted my decision, but because of the stories I’ve heard about the pain.

Fast forward to today, Friday. The worst is over. Its not completely done yet, but I did it, and I couldn’t be any happier. I woke up jumping on my boyfriend, I was happy that I was able to do that, and i didn’t have to proceed with a pregnancy that i would’ve hated.

You have a choice, its your life, spend it how you want. Be safe, and dont make stupid mistakes like me.

Edit: Im summing all my edits into one: All i want to do is spread awareness for abortion, and let others see that women have the right, and should not be called offensive names like i have been. If youre coming here to call me a slut or a whore, please do so. I know who i am, and im happy with my choice. I wish everyone the best of luck on their journeys. Spend kindness.

final edit: I appreciate all the love here. I just wanna say, you can probably see me trolling with lots of the people who are pro-life. Its for fun a little cause they are calling me not nice things, but this post is completely serious. To clear the air, we were using condoms, and i always knew when my ovulation was occurring and wouldn’t have sex around that day. Unfortunately my last period came early and messed up my three years of period tracking. I will be getting a IUD when the doctor gives me the all clear. I am here to talk, and wanna open up peoples minds to pro-choice.

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I know it ain't much, but here's my 12 year old Australian shepherd

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Re-watching Varsity Blues...What are those jeans?

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Try your luck in having fun

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Alright time to leave since I am bad at this.

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I finally got a Graphics card, any recommendations on games to test it out?

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TIFU by taking double my normal dose of adderall at 8pm then masturbating for 9 hours straight

This is honestly one of the stupidest and most embarrassing things ive done and I just feel like confessing will help me feel like less of an idiot

So for context I take 25mg of adderall xr on most mornings and had taken it yesterday also.

Well the day was coming to an end and I could tell my meds had mostly worn off but I don't really have anything to do until monday and there was a book that I had been meaning to read so I figured that I would stay up reading just cause I could.

The problem is that it's hard for me to read without my meds so I just thought that I would take some in the evening, stay up all night, then fix my sleep schedule over the weekend. Where I messed up though is for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to take double my normal dose which would make it 50 mg which is pretty close to the max that is prescribed and way higher than what I'm used to.

So I took the 50 mg at 8pm. It kicked in at around 9pm. Then at about 10pm I started masturbating. The plan was to masturbate for maybe 30 minutes max, take a shower, read for a couple hours, then either watch a movie or go to sleep.

If you've ever taken these types of stimulant meds though you know that whatever you're doing when it kicks in is what you're gonna be doing for a while. And it was even worse now cause I took twice what I usually take.

I ended up just edging myself for literally about 5 or 6 hours, then masturbating normally for about 3. I think the adderall kinda kept me from finishing so I just kept going and it was probably the worst hyperfocus moment of my life.

I finally finished about 2 hours before making this post and my dick hurts cause I kinda agitated the skin cause a portion of it was done without any lube. Also I just generally feel like shit which most people probably would from either masturbating for 9 hours or from having a bunch of amphetamines in their system, let alone both.

I don't think im gonna masturbate for the next month, and im not taking adderall for a few days either.

TLDR: Took 50mg of adderal in the evening so I could stay up reading and ended up masturbating for 9 hours instead.

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I, as a full grown adult human being, should be allowed to consume whatever drug I want

It makes absolutely zero logical sense to me at all that another person should be able to tell me what I can and can’t put in my own body. I don’t care if you think it’s gonna lead to me being violent towards others. I disagree and I’ll gladly be prosecuted for whatever the crimes are whenever I actually do commit one. I should be allowed to pursue what makes me happy.

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