A year ago today, Joe Biden beat Trump to be elected the 46th US President

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A wild fox discovered in a fisherman’s bag after eating all the fish

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Authors who describe EVERY single female that appears in thier book as if they are a potential lay is a way to instantly lose my respect.

It's just lazy.

I dont care how down to earth or likeable a main character is. When the perspective comes across like every woman they encounter is either lusting after them, or being sized-up and put into different categories of dream-girl archetypes, it turns the otherwise relatable main character into a leering creep.

Can you imagine reading a book where every male character was introduced as simple archetypes like "bad boy type", or by the size of thier package, despite thier role in the story?

Edit: If it matters, I also like women and get the appeal of reading about boobies, but I dont need to know about every booby if said booby isnt important to the story.

Edit #2: I'm sorry I cant respond to y'all, I'm only human!

If you like your books filled with dream girls and ladies who breast boobily, power to you. You read those books, and I will choose others. The authors will still.make money, and I dont have to finish an off-putting book. Everyone wins!

Yes, romance books and books with sex and lust being part of the story are not worthy of scorn and obviously get a pass.

I'm personally going to continue to think its weird and off-putting when a book in which sex and lust is NOT the story (in which the main character is NOT intended to be sex obsessed) clearly chooses to reduce a specific group of people in the book (women) down to sexual fantasies.

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On this day in history.

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It’s a cult.

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What is the most unethical job in the UK?

This was done in another thread but the answers were very Americanised so I thought I’d try it here.

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Travis Scott screams homophobic slurs at fans

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Finally divorced!!

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