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My mum won't so can someone please.

Its my birthday can someone please wish me a happy birthday im just really sad.

Edit: thanks for all the love guys im trying to respond to them all but its a bit overwhelming lol im still gonna try tho. But fr thank to everyone who wished me a happy birthday this has made my day so much :))

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Bernie Sanders claims that Joe Biden is not doing enough to 'amplify progressive policies'. r/politics debates if progressives need to pack it in for the good of the party or whether moderates need to meet their desires

Bernie says Joe isn't doing well enough with cabinet picks. Biden's cabinet positions are generally long-term positions and a reflection of his policies and/or stances in his upcoming presidency. Many progressives believe he is not doing enough, and r/politics discusses if his picks for cabinet and policies going into the presidency are good enough, or whether Bernie's time is over.

>"Wait until he wins the election to criticize him." "Wait until he's inaugurated to criticize him." <- we are here "Wait until after his first 100 days to criticize him." "Wait until after the mid terms to criticize him." "You can't criticize him now, the general election is right around the corner."

He walked back police reform already and he isn’t even in office yet.

Well, give him a freakin' minute. He's not even in office yet. Sheesh.

It makes you wonder how progressives will vote in the midterms and 2024 without the Trump threat.

ITT: Moderates want their boring/privileged lives back.

The "Don't criticise Biden until after mid-terms" argument.

Can we let him get in office please?

The reason to vote for him was almost strictly to get Trump out of office. If you wanted progressive policy, progressives should've done more work in the primaries to get Sanders the nomination. Don't expect career centrist politicians to suddenly not be centrist.

President-Elect Joe Biden needs to fight off a coup and actually get into the fucking White House before he can do shit, Bernie. What the fuck.

Will progressives ever be happy? Biden has picked some progressives and some more moderate people. Add in the fact that he won election based on his policy and campaign. Not on Bernie's policies. If Bernie were president, no way in hell he would be nominating moderates to positions.

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"If I birthed 6 kids, I'm gonna get 6 kids out". Super-Mom Emma Schols saved all of her 6 kids from their burning home, running room to room, floor to floor. Even tho she was bleeding and losing skin, hair burnt like coal, she kept going. Emma got 93% burn injuries, yet still survived. A Hero.

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My brain felt huge after this.. anyone else do it this way?

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As a single dad, I had to put my foot down and tell my seven year old daughter that there was no way she was getting a dog for Chanukah, no matter how much she asked. Anyway, meet Waffle.

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Now I wanna pavlov'd myself too

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LPT: Don't go to college if you don't have a good plan of what you're going to do there. College isn't neccessarily the next step in life after high school, and you will waste time and money going there without a passion.

Going to college without a purpose can be very draining and make you quit early and waste a lot of time and money. If you don't know what's the next step life, college isn't neccessarily the best one. People that make it through college successfully are usually driven by a passion they found. They go to college because they actually want to learn their subject. College is a LOT of work compared to high school, and if you don't have something that keeps you going, you might end up dropping out like a lot of people. Not only do you need to have a passion for going to college, you might also want to have some research about your passion. The internet exists for a reason folks. First of all, look up if your dream job requires a college degree. Most higher level jobs require you to have a degree such as programmers, game designers, doctors, lawyers, scientists, teachers, etc. If your passion doesn't require college, then don't go there unless you have another good reason to. The last thing you want to do is go to college just becuase you don't know the next step in life. If your dream job does require one, then by all means, go to college. It won't garuntee you the job, but unless you have some special talent or are highly skilled in that job, without a degree you won't have a chance at it. College can also be used as a learning experience if you know nothing about that job. One of the first steps to being an adult is managing your money. You have to ask yourself before going to college, "is this worth >insert tuition, and supply fee< amount of dollars?". Don't go there if you don't think it's worth it.

EDIT: Im not saying that you should have your life figured out at 18. In fact, most people didn't and so didn't I, and that's my point. You have to stop and think about college before going there. Take a small break for about a year to start figuring out and planning your path first. Colleges and univerities are expensive nowadays, and I'm saying that you shouldn't feel rushed or pressured to go to college right after high school.

EDIT 2: Or you can be like many people in the comments, and hope to find your passion in college. It's up to you to decide if paying thousands of dollars is worth that though, especially if you can just find passion through other ways. Also, iirc switching classes costs money too, so it's better but not required to have a decent plan before deciding.

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