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Blizzard removing my BiS Items without notification and closes all my tickets regarding it


TLDR: I won an BiS Item in Karazhan with rolling. Player who lost the roll raged and reported me for ninjaloot. Blizzard removed my item and close all the tickets regarding the item "not answering any questions". I have evidence and screenshots for everything down below, which I also sent to blizzard. I was not party lead, not master loot and just fairly won with a higher roll. ->


First of all sorry for my wrong english, I am from germany and IĀ“m just trying to get some attention to my problem, which I wouldnĀ“t believe If it didnĀ“t happened to me.


I am a resto druid and joined a karazhan-pug. It was a messy run. My healpartner was a Priest. I farm Karazhan because I really want Lights Justice ( which is BiS for most healers. I was so happy it dropped, when the priest healer in voice told me that I wont get this item because it is reserved for him. I couldnĀ“t believe what I heard, following by a big discussion that the raidlead never told anyone that anything is locked and therefore I have the right to roll on it. The raidlead told me at that time he did not saved it for him personally, they just talked about it but he didnt secured it to him - in the LFG channel it was advertised as a free MS > OS run and in the raid no one told me anything. After a wild discussion we decided to roll on the item and I won - he rolled 22 and I did roll 78.


I rolled 78, the other healer 22. I won and got the item.

So I got that Item, the raidlead gave it to me and I was supper happy. I dont have that time for goldfarming, but also wanted to enchant it with 81 heal so I lend myself about 500g to enchant it. I was playing arena and everything was good. After a time the player insulted me heavily, I told him that I have no contact to the raidlead and dont know him, I was not told that anything is saved and that we (in the end) decided to roll and I won it fairly. Nothing wrong Ive done here, he just kept insulting me.


I played some BGs and noticed I was healing nothing compared to 1-2 days before. Then I saw that my Justices Light was removed.

I wrote a ticket about it. I got an answer.

They removed the item from me because I was "ninjalooting". I was not the party lead, not the master looter, I didnt knew the raidlead and was just a random member of this PUG who win with a roll.




I answered the ticket, told them the situation I just wrote up here, told them that I was not the raidlead and not the loot master and I didnt have any influence to the loot at all besides my roll. I didnĀ“t even knew the raidlead. A answer came 24h after.

After that answer they closed ALL my tickets regarding to the item. They wont answer ANY questions.


In the end they wrote: this case is completely closed for us, we do not answer any questions according to this ticket anymore.

After that one they CLOSED all my tickets regarding to that weapon (I had 3, lol)




So I ended up here, writing more tickets and trying to get attention to my case. Funny sidefact: I the early days after release I had a ninjalooter (shaman dps) who rolled for all my healstuff at some BC dungeons and told me he need it for gold and that the group sucked so hard, he will use it for rep. Nothing to bad, but still toxic behaviour I reported. The answer I got: we cannot help you in that case, because as a shaman he can wear leather (lol) and there are no lootrules in tbc unlike in Retail WOW. I was like: yeah thanks for nothing yu small indie company.

So I wrote a new ticket and trying to spread this story. If that is the purpose of blizzard, I can get all my items in the future: just whisper your buddy item XY is reserved for him, dont tell anyone else and just give it to him. Blizzard will not punish you If I understand correctly here.

Please upvote this so people see how Blizzard is acting and how less they care for their players.

Thanks for reading

If you have any questions or need more evidence, feel free to ask. I am asking for attention here, yes, because I hope blizzard will notice it and correct their mistake. What do you guys think about this damn thing?

Pls share!

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