Wait.... what dafuq

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Always get the added insurance on your U-Haul…

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Baby Chameleons helping with pest control

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Today is the day

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🔴Daily Reverse Repo Update 09/22: $1,283.281B - New record🔴

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4chan is actually more welcoming than reddit

If you can look past being called slurs constantly, 4chan (minus /pol/) is just better to use in general.

There's no karma or profiles to encourage narcissism. No self censorship to avoid downvotes. People tend to be more open minded.

The karma system on reddit is in many ways detrimental to actual human connection by comparison.

Instead of communication, using reddit is more like a popularity contest, and whoever says the most widely appealing statement is rewarded with psychological satisfaction, and having their opinions boosted in visibility.

This leads to the deterioration in the quality of discourse that's been seen on reddit over the years, where bland, pandering nonsense will be pushed to the top.

That's not to say 4chan doesn't have it's problems, but imo its preferable.

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Peace was never an option.

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What's the most "cringe" thing you've seen someone do while cooking?

I'll start. My future father in law thinks he's a great cook, but he only boils food (anything more than 4 steps is "too much trouble"), makes last-minute substitutions, and everything is usually overcooked.

Chicken stir fry? Get chicken, random canned vegetables, cover with water, boil for 90 minutes. Slather with random sauces from the fridge.

Ziti al forno? Boil the pasta. Couldn't find the tomato sauce. Use ketchup and spray-on cheese instead.

Grilled pork chop/steaks? Get the pork chops/steaks, cover them with water, boil for 90 minutes. Pour the water down the drain. Chop up the meat, add more water and can of campbell's soup. Boil for another 30 minutes.

Baked potato? Chop it up and boil it.

Macaroni salad from the supermarket deli? Boil it.

Burgers? Boiled for 40 minutes until grey, then slathered with ketchup and serve it with wonderbread

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Sit down Kaela

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Recreating a mirror portrait selfie taken 100 years ago in Japan

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