I'm not sure if anyone made this meme concept before

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You won't be forgotten Ralph

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Bro, she's like 65, and you're 12, have at it.

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Just thought about that

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GMetaverse 🚀 🌖

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RC tweet could be him literally making a shit post as an NFT in the meta verse

What if the news about calling all creators on nft.gamestop and RC tweet go hand in hand? RC makes a tweet about taking a shit in the meta verse, which could technically be an nft in the meta verse!? The tweet to me literally seems like a shit post, hence anything even a shit post created on the nft.gamestop signup or wherever you’d create could be an nft. Power to the Creators Power to the Collectors Power to the Players o7

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Spider man spoiler

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Foreverpay token🚀 Foreverpay token ($FEP) rewards holders with a massive 20% rewards in BUSD!!!!! PRESALE live in 1 hour!!

Foreverpay Token $FEP LIVE in 1 hour🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

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Enough of the small reward tokens .....Foreverpay token (FEP) rewards holders with a massive 20% rewards in BUSD!!!!! ✅ CEO fully Doxxed! ✅KYC Verified by auditrate.tech✅Contract Audited ✅ - That's what i call passive income. Finally true rewards for diamond hands🤪 Join the train on what might be the biggest crypto reward token of the YEAR!!!😉 ✅Initial Burn 30% token ✅Liquidity locked for 2-years ✅Dedicated team ✅Team token just 3% vesting🔥And did i Say 20% BUSD Rewards. Lets Go!!!

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KYC / DOXX https://auditrate.tech/certificate/certificate_Foreverpay_Token.html

presale (28th) https://www.pinksale.finance/#/launchpad/0xC237C27768c73e6754bc3E8D1eE3884e45E1e2d1?chain=BSC

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• Safely created and audited

• Liquidity Locked (2 years)

• FULLY Doxed Developer

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• 20% of every transaction redistributed to holders in BUSD!!

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• 3% to marketing


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this actually happened with me and my brother recently

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