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Remember BE CAREFUL WITH OPTIONS, gamma squeeze not at all certain and in fact is unlikely according to Warden, the best thing to do is to buy shares and hold them. If the options do not expire in the money it is basically feeding the MM money they desesperately need! SO BUYING AND HOLDING is the best thing to do right now, always has been.


EDIT: Aaaaaaaaaaand this is getting downvoted by bots :)

EDIT 2: The vast majority of these contracts were bought today. Possibly meaning they were all bought by a single Person/Insitution?

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How has pedophilia and sexual harassment become so normalised in anime?

It seems as though too many anime I've encountered features these in some way. From the constant oversaturation of harems and issekais, underaged girls being seen as viable sexual partners and everyone's waifu seemingly being a 12 year old child, all the way to the main character freely going around molesting others without any consequences because everyone gives him a pass, or everyone tolerates it with phrases such as 'he's not a bad guy, just a perv", 'he's realistic' or even that it's just his character flaws. There's even been incidences of rape and sexual assault being quickly brushed over.

And what's worse is that these same issues are continually defended or their severity is even sidestepped with phrases of 'it's not that bad", "it's just an anime bro, it's not real', 'if you don't like it, don't watch it', 'she's 1000 years old', 'he has the body of a child so it's ok' or whatever seeming justification one can make up.

And it genuinely scares me. I'll probably get downvoted to all hell for this but I'm honestly quite scared by a lot of the things I'm seeing and how quickly fans go to defend all of it.

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Today I bit on this tiny pearl while eating paella (seafood)

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This 18-year-old boy died protecting his mother from thieves who broke into his home in walthamstow, London 3 days ago. He was stabbed in neck protecting her. He deserves to be known.

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GameStop Q4 Earnings Megathread 🍿

🍿 Post to be updated with links to the earnings report as soon as they're released. 🍿


Earnings Call Webcast <--- ENTER BEFORE IT FILLS UP

Earnings Call is FULL, use this link for a backup stream

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I took a picture of a small crack in my iPhone display.

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Shots fired

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TIFU by never wearing glasses during sex

So a little backstory here I guess. My first girlfriend would always take of my glasses before we made out (she wore glasses, too, so we sounded like two lustful wineglasses otherwise). She did this every time, so eventually it just became a habit for me. Things are getting heavy? Better take off my glasses. It went that way for years, and I never really questioned it. I just assumed it was normal.

The thing is, I have pretty bad vision. I'm not legally blind by any means, but I certainly can't read any kind of text without glasses unless it's inches from my face. Everything goes blurry immediately. That's not a big deal though if you're getting it on with someone--that's 50% by feel, 50% by sound, right?

Well I recently learned otherwise. I was seeing this new girl, and she jumped me one time with a surprise sexy encounter. We were ripping our clothes off so fast that I didn't have time to take off my glasses. And I'll tell you what: it was like hitting the HD button on pornhub after you've been watching nothing but scrambled VHS tapes for your entire life. Everything snapped into focus! It was amazing! I could see everything! Nipples! Goosebumps! The sweaty wet spot on the bed!

Is this what it feels like for normal-sighted people? Is your sex life just a walking, talking porno? Do you not look down and say, "wow, what a sexy brown blob" but instead say "wow, NVidia did a great job this year!"? This is absolutely life-changing, and I need anyone who reads this and wears glasses to take a long hard look at themselves, and then do it again but this time while wearing your glasses. Hopefully you can avoid my mistake.

TL;DR: wear glasses during sex and turn your pp into a 1080pp

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