The Dark Tower is Life-Changing

I finished it a few weeks ago. I struggled with the right adjective for the title. Amazing? Criminally underrated? Fantastic? Shocking? I settled on life-changing because it's true.

I'm a big reader of fantasy sagas and the Dark Tower was like a two-by-four between the eyes. As I've grown older, I've feared that I was growing out of fantasy. The last several fantasy novels I've read were guilty pleasures, yes, fun, yes, but they left me empty. They didn't stick with me.

But The Dark Tower reminded me that fantasy is a pretty broad category, and even within that category The Dark Tower is the weird platypus creature of fantasy sagas. It was written over the course of 30 years, and the story reflects the growth of the writer, evolving both narratively and thematically as King grew up, matured, started a family, and struggled with substance abuse. And there's at least one story swerve caused by other true-life events. It is also, I think, not a story that is supposed to make you feel good about yourself. The protagonist starts out downright unlikeable and evolves into one of the most complex, compelling and ambivalent figures I've encountered in fiction. I'm still not sure how I feel about him. I certainly want to have a few words with him about certain choices he made.

That all sounds rather dour, I guess. But there are few books I've ever read as fun as these books can be. Not all of them and not all the time, but the heights reached in The Drawing of the Three and Wizard and Glass are nearly unmatched, for my money.

I said life-changing. For me, that means that the books really seriously forced me to confront what's important in my life, and whether I'm making the choices that line up with that. I use present tense here because this feels ongoing, this feels like these books will be with me for a long time. We all have our own Dark Tower and our own ka-tet, and it's impossible to just keep plodding on as before after learning the tale of Roland of Gilead.

Say thankya.

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I got my post-chemo, pre-mastectomy photos back!

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Refuses to wear mask correctly and has a portable fan pointed at her face.

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"Who’s going to pay for it?"

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Match Thread: 3rd Match - Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Kolkata Knight Riders

3rd Match, Indian Premier League at Chennai

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Kolkata Knight Riders141/1 (Ov 14.4/20)
Rahul Tripathi*4926188.46
Nitish Rana7749157.14
Bhuvneshwar Kumar2.4250
Sandeep Sharma3350
Recent : 6 1 . 1 | 1 1 2 4 1 . | 2 1 6 . 1 2 | 4 1 6 4

Sunrisers chose to field. CRR: 9.61

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Please don't post illegal streaming links in match threads

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Turns out I’m not very good at online shopping.

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Starting my new bussiness of columbian cheese. Wish me luck.

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This is it

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LPT: When planning for a wedding, get pricing from caterers, florists, tables/chairs, etc. as just a party, not a “wedding”.

We were shocked with pricing for food, alcohol, DJ, caterers, florists, basically everything associated with the wedding. Its a total scam. It’s like, we’ve ordered food for let’s say work events and it’s way less. So we stopped telling them it was a wedding. Literally prices were half. If/when they find out it’s a wedding, not only is it too late but it doesn’t matter, nothing has changed. It’s just a party after all.

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Opening a note that was handed to me in class over a decade ago.

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