The game starts at 0.0 seconds, not at 1.30 when jungle camps spawn. Its annoying to lose level 1s to afk players.

I understand that some of you have kids, or live in different circumstances and I have full understanding and acceptance of that. Most of you don't choose to be afk and power to you in whatever is keeping you away.

But there is a special breed of players that are infuriatingly stupid to the point where you question their lives and how fked in the head they actually are.

You queue up for a game. You understand that you are going through a 4-7 min champion select and loading screen. Some of the time, loading screen is 20 seconds or less.

You load in and you start to cover jungle entrance points, and you have people afk in fountain up until 1.20 or afk under their lane towers.

You get no leash as a jungler, which is fine for me because I practice clears in practice tool. But I cant defend an invade alone.

"I was in the bathroom dude, just stfu and play"

"I was just smoking outside quick man, relax"

and the most frustrating one of them all

"is this pro play? no so why would we do that?"

Now, I would have more understanding of this was Iron or Bronze and it was 2013 again, but its 2020 and its in fking DIAMOND. Im tired of losing level 1 to Nautilus and Leona invades where my team is afk and there is nothing I can do against it. Even if you report them for being afk level 1 they still play the game and you need 5 min of afk to even be flagged. You are so helpless its insane.

Some of you are probably in the comments right now, spewing some BS like "You can always come back from lvl 1 mistake" which is not the point. Why are we in this position to begin with.

Add a system that tracks Actions per Minut on the first 2 min of the game. If there is none or very little like 1 click, you should be afk flagged. This cant EVER flag players who shop level 1 and click out on the map. It ONLY affects lvl 1 ACTUAL afks. Simple and easy.

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My nail polish chipped into the profile of a man

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First time pet owner. My heart melts whenever I come home.

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This week my friends cleaned the local beach from garbage. I am very proud of them. Hi from Russia.

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Pleasantly surprised

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"Woke" people can be some of the most abusive people you'll ever meet

At least, this has been my experience.

I think it's great when people take a stand for social issues and I have no issues with being awake. However, this can go too far and it allows for people to become abusive while thinking they are completely in the right. That's an incredibly dangerous thing.

My ex was one of these people. She cared deeply about fixing social issues and because of that she felt it was fine to steamroll everyone she knew and cared about because their discomfort was worth the change she was pushing. To an extent, I even agree with that. She was way too hypocritical though. Eventually she became dead to my feelings. If she hurt me, I did something to deserve it, or I was overreacting out of fragility and needed to "get a grip". She was never willing to admit wrong, and my views were always tainted because I was a guy.

I spent way too long in that relationship hating myself because I respected her efforts for change. It wasn't until I sought therapy that I realized how hurtful she was being. Eventually I came to the conclusion that believing the same things she did didn't give her a pass to treat people awfully. So yeah, sometimes the most outwardly caring and seemingly empathetic people can be the most abusive ones in your life.

Edit: there's nothing wrong with caring about or trying to fix social issues. I hold values very similar to hers. This isn't targeting beliefs saying they are wrong, it's targeting bad actions done thinking they are justified with good beliefs.

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Chloe is canceled

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Woman Arrested after Stabbing Michael Jackson's Niece in a Hate Crime

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Guy cutting an onion

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Every time

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