AITA for bringing my own food to my MIL's house?

My MIL hosted a bbq at her house last weekend. I have several serious food intolerances, as well as food allergies, so I have to be very careful when I am eating food I have not prepared or if I do not know what is in it. My MIL is very aware of my food allergies/intolerances (lactose intolerant, egg allergy, shellfish allergy, strawberry allergy), and has been for the 22 years that we have been married. My MIL is one of those people who believe that you eat what is served or you do not eat, and that food allergies are something that people make up in their heads.

I asked her what she was serving at the bbq to see if there would 1. be anything I could eat and 2. if I needed to be concerned about anything she was serving. Most of everything that she was planning to serve contained something that I could not eat. This is not the first time that she has served food that I was unable to eat. At Thanksgiving two years ago, the only thing I could eat were the dinner rolls and the salad. She got super offended that I did not eat and called me over dramatic. If I eat before I go, and do not eat anything, she guilt trips me and tries to get me to eat.

So this time, I discussed with my spouse the possibility of me bringing my own food to MIL's house. They agreed with me that it was a good idea, but warned me not to let MIL see it. I brought two small containers to the bbq in a cooler bag and put it under my chair. When it was time to eat, I quietly served myself from the containers and put my plate on the table. When my MIL saw that I was eating food that was different than everyone else, she immediately got upset and told me how rude I was to bring food. I explained to her that nothing she was serving was food I could safely eat, and she went on about how I always have to make myself the center of attention. My spouse told MIL that she has known for almost two decades that I had food allergies, so it should not shock her that after years of being unable to eat at family gatherings, I would bring my own food.

FIL then got up and told us both we were being rude and disrespectful to MIL as she has spent tons of money and time preparing for this bbq. Spouse grabbed our things and we left after a few more choice words with their parents. Our phones have been blowing up non-stop, some people agreeing that MIL was overreacting. Others think I should have eaten what I could out of politeness or eaten before I came.

I'm really torn and upset. I did not mean to cause drama, and I am hurt that spouse is arguing with their parents. I did not mean to offend MIL, and certainly not ruin a bbq.

AITA for bringing my own food to MIL's bbq?

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The sand dispersed on this new bike lane make it look as though the sun is shining…

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I denied a cop the bathroom code at Subway.

So I was working at Subway a few years ago and a man came in with his wife and two children. I had all four sandwiches started when the man asked me for the code to the bathroom. The policy was you had to make a purchase to get the bathroom code, but by the way he was doing the potty dance, it was pretty apparent this guy needed to go. Obviously, either he or his wife will pay for the four sandwiches I've already started.

The next day, my boss sits me down and lectures me about how the code is on the receipt for a reason. She watched the tape and see me give the man the code and tells me, "I don't care who it's for. Whether it's your friend, family, whatever, you name it, you do NOT give it the code under any circumstances."

Later on that night, I was working by myself when some guy in a trench coat and greasy long hair came in the side door and said, "Hey man, somebody got seriously f**** up outside." A long line of customers waited for me while I subtly grabbed the bread knife (sharp af) and went around to check. It wasn't the best part of town, so you never know with people.

Anyways, as trenchcoat man stated, someone was seriously f**** up outside. His face was all bloody and he was just a mess. I called 911 and went back to making sandwiches.

Sometime later, a few cop cars and an ambulance showed up. They were doing their business outside and then one of the officers comes in and asks for the bathroom code. Like six hours earlier, my boss told me not to give it "under any circumstances" without a purchase.

I laughed a little and told him what I told all the other customers, "I'm sorry, you have to make a purchase first. You can get a cookie which is $0.?? and then it'll be on the receipt." He didn't realize the laugh was really at myself and how awkward of a situation he unknowingly put me in, nor did I have a chance to explain it before the laugh and the rejection of the bathroom code caused the cop to become straight up furious.

He gives me three warnings to give him the code. Each time I tell him I'm not going to give it to him and the customers are on my side telling him I'm just doing my job. After his third warning, he shook his head and muttered "I can't believe you're interfering with an ongoing investigation," and he uses the walkie on his shoulder to get some information.

About five minutes later, one of the cops handed me a phone. I answered and my manager said, "Are you f****ing serious???" Long story short, the cop got the bathroom code and a free bag of chips.

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Seems legit

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Don't really have anyone to celebrate with, so I thought I'd share with you guys. I’m one year sober!

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Amazingly precise spray painting

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they all have good in them

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Autobots, rollout!

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May your tribe grow!

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The Legendary Dragon by Sakura Miko 🐉🌸I'll Always Remember You.

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