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Happy Freakout!

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Match Thread: 4th T20I - India vs England

4th T20I, England tour of India at Ahmedabad

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India63/2 (Ov 7.4/20)
Suryakumar Yadav3117182.35
Ben Stokes0.441
Adil Rashid2260
Recent : . 1 | 1 1w 4 1 4 . . | 1 1 1 4 6 1 | 1w 2 1 . W

England chose to field. CRR: 8.21

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We're in love now!

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I have read my last ever book.

I recently, unexpectedly, lost my eyesight. A recent realisation is that I have read my last ever book in the usual sense. It's quite sad when I think about it given how much I love reading and even have a library in my house. What makes it worse was the last book I read was rubbish, I didn't really enjoy it at all but read it as I don't like leaving books half started. It was 'How Not to Die Alone' by Richard Roper. Had I have known I might have re-read an old favourite or tried a random new genre. I've never tried audiobooks, and I know there is a debate as to if it constitutes reading, but for me it's going to have to be the way forwards.

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Man Speaks Perfect English But I Don't Understand A Word He Says

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Over the course of 7 months I did a bunch of backbreaking research in historical records dating back to the 12th century and across 9 countries to find out that 35 out of the 46 US Presidents are related. Here is the completed family tree

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If you have read the "huge - robinhood never owned your gme shares" please just read this and calm down.

Yo all apes......chill the fuck out and hold!!!

While the dd of this post appears 100% legitimate, and I too expressed concern and issued a warning after considerable research into it, I'm starting to think based on the timing, that this is could actually be a coordinated effort by robinhood/mm to shed a huge number of customers with gme shares in order to obtain those shares at current prices.

Apes and shills are posting about selling their shares from robinhood and buying them again on another platform. This is without a doubt the dumbest thing ever... You give them your real shares that cover shorts, lose money in the process...and the most important thing you take the rocket off the launch pad by doing this

The data definitely appears legitimate, and the op most likely posted it as a service, but shills have seized on this to spread the biggest fud campaign yet and this one seems to work...

But with as many upvotes that this has, the shills are clearly trying to promote this fearful narrative. Because if they were against it, those mother fuckers would be down voting it into oblivion like they do all helpful posts

Please just hold, don't sell. If you want to move your shares off robinhood, that's fine. Fidelity seems the best to me, I have shares on fidelity (hate the ui), webull(they won't let you change your account to cash from margin) and robinhood (I am keeping my shares there)

The plan is the same, don't let those fuckers get our shares.... Hold ...keep holding.... don't stop holding....that is the only way for us all to ride the 🚀


Edit 10 downvotes in one minute... clearly the shills don't like my post like they like the fud one.

Edit 2 I've lost count of the downvotes...goes up a couple, down four or five...and now every reply I make gets downvoted....that's when you know you're right!

Edit 3 Wow! Thank you sooo much for the awards! I hope these are free awards and not ones that cost money...I want you kind apes spending your cash on gme not awards for me 🐵

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Steve Kerr: "I hear about people talk about the price of freedom. We have no freedom if people are getting murdered by mentally unstable people with guns that are easily bought. That doesn't sound like freedom to me. Freedom would be the ability to live without fear of getting murdered."

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He didn’t have a “sex addiction”

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