Spent 3 days laying on the floor to make this skateboard stop-motion

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If you can’t enjoy coffee without 3+ sugars/ flavor syrups don’t tell me you love coffee.

I hope this doesn’t come off as gatekeeping but between Starbucks and Dunkin’ I swear the baristas can’t keep up with all the frivolous demands. Get coffee, add cream, sugar packets or milk of your choice and get out of line. Otherwise go get a bottle of coke until you’re ready to admit you just want a liquid donut.

accidental second opinion I realized while typing this... if someone is in a transitional/part-time/low wage paying job don’t expect them to give a damn about your highly tuned specifications. If you order a complicated order and it doesn’t turn out right maybe your demanding too much from the people behind the counter... AND the exchange of $3.50 does not give you any sort of right to bitch them out. Take your dressed up bottle of coke and move on.

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Rats, bats, and automobiles

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I always used to wonder

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My grandma and grandpa just delivered me Thanksgiving meal because they aren't having everyone over

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Nooo don't leave me

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Get put in reverse

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I’m a hardcore feminist and these are some of the things society does to men that I absolutely hate

  • I don’t like when people shame men for finishing quickly during sex.

  • I hate that people shame men for penis size.

  • It’s wrong to shame men for their height.

  • I don’t like that men are shamed for balding.

  • I wish men could do stuff to enhance their appearance without feeling ashamed. (Wear makeup, hair pieces, etc.)

  • I haaaaaaate the word “simp”. Let men love people and express their love for fucks sake.

  • Stop shaming dudes for being bad in bed. Make an effort to help them feel safe and comfortable during sexual situations and teach them what feels good.

  • Fuuuuuuck everyone who says that men should act a certain way or their less of a man. Men’s masculinity and value is not determined by how well they conform to some made up standard. They’re fucking human. Let them have feelings and feel safe and comfortable and loved.

  • This is the weirdest one of all to me, but holy fucking shit I hate when people give guys shit if they don’t want to go down on a woman. LET MEN HAVE SEXUAL BOUNDARIES TOO.


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Let's make these murderous pigs uncomfortable--Name and Shame

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