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TIFU by not teaching my brother to do calf raises properly

I. I am just in awe. Last year, my brother developed an obsession with getting really meaty calves. I work out a lot so he asked me how he can build his calves. I told him to do calf raises because that’s what I do to keep my ankles in shape for pointe and my calves look great. “how do you do those?” he asks. I told him “you go up on your toes repeatedly.” ok. I assumed he understood what I meant and he didn’t ask me to demonstrate, so I didn’t. anyway. this dude, for a WHOLE YEAR, was doing them the wrong way. And I had no idea what he was doing because he always did it alone in his room. TURNS OUT, he thought I meant to literally go on the TIPS of your toes. and he did like 100 every day. he recently showed me that now he can go on the very tips of his toes and run and jump around like some creepy little fucked up forest cryptid. barefoot. no outside support. the dude’s skeleton is now configured like a fucking racehorse but 100x more creepy and unsettling because human feet are not supposed to do this. he does it all the time. his toes are jacked as fuck. it’s terrifying. he’s terrifying. what have I done. I feel like I’ve unleashed something horrible and I can’t put it back.

TLDR: told my brother to do calf raises. he did them wrong and now he can run on the tips of his toes. It’s terrifying.

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Gangbanger wannabe

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The ultimate K.O

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The restaurant that I worked at for years just posted this on Facebook. I made $2.33 an hour as a tipped employee.

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AITA For limiting my neices amount of baths?

My sister and her daughter live with myself and my daughter. My daughter is five, my niece is thirteen.

My daughter lived with her mum for the first three years of her life and due to diaper related neglect, now suffers from almost constant UTIs. Yes she's constantly at the doctor, but apart from antibiotics they arent sure how to help.

My neice takes daily, three hour baths. I never really understood why, but my sister did the same growing up.

Now, with the only bathroom being occupied, this doesnt fair well with my uti-having daughter. Due to her utis and how painful they can be, she is not required to get to a bathroom if she cant. In public she's still in pull ups. At home I keep her in underwear to avoid potty training regression, and to avoid worsening her problems.

She will obviously try to get to a toilet, but if not, accidents are allowed. Generally we have about five minutes from her realising she has to go to her being in pain.

As I mentioned, my neice has very long baths. And even if we knock on the door it takes her about ten minutes to get out the bathroom, by which point its too late. This has only been a recent issue, as she's usually been pretth speedy, and accidents were few and far between.

Its gotten to the point where my daughter is begging for her pull ups back, and as such I explained to my neice that she needs to either be quicker or have showers instead. A few more accidents and a tantrum from my neice and I implemented a new rule; no baths unless myself and my daughter are out of the house.

Which I dont think is too bad as we leave the house most days.

My neice however thinks I'm the worst person in the world. She either doesnt understand or doesn't want to understand the effects that constant accidents are having on her cousin, but either way, no wiggle room.

My sister is trying to have me ease up the rule, saying my neice needs her baths and I wouldnt understand because I'm not a woman, but hasnt outright said anything against me.

My parents also agree that I'm being cruel, and I should let her have the little privacy she can get, although friends of mine (who are mostly women) are saying I'm in the right and my neices comfort doesnt come above my daughters emotional wellbeing.

So, am I the asshole? I'm a little confused.

(More info can be added if needed, I'm just not really sure what else to add)

Eta; the amount of comments is already overwhelming lol. I'll try and get back to as much as possible, but babygirl woke up with a fever so I'm not sure how much replying I'll get to.

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Neighbor foreclosed on their house, but abandoned this girl. We adopted her into a forever home, but she looks out the window a lot in that house's direction. I think it's for her old people.

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These ultra light planes that need very little trust to produce lift

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one year ago i was in such a deep depression that i genuinely could not see a future for myself. now i have bought my first car (pictured), signed a lease for my first apartment, and have a great job where i am surrounded by wonderful people daily. i love my life, and im glad i stuck around.

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