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❤️❤️❤️❤️ This man was forced to give his dog to the Humane Society due to undergoing lengthy hospital stay. This nurse found out and immediately went to the shelter and adopted his dog. She brings him to visit daily and will return him as soon as the man is released!

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Getting a low grade for a research paper

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Retired engineer Tom Brown has saved about 1200 types of apples from extinction over 25 years.

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My husband thought installing these blinds would stop cats from jumping on a windowsill.

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Don’t think Covid is real? Have fun dying in the parking lot

I’m and ICU doctor and run my own unit. Yesterday, I had a gentleman come in with all the classic symptoms: cough, fever, shortness of breath, and of course profound hypoxia. His CXR showed the classic diffuse bilateral infiltrate we’ve all come to immediately recognize as COVID. I told him he likely has COVID and we’re waiting for the PCR results to come back, but in the meantime we’ll start him on oxygen and medical therapy.

Well, he did not like that. He immediately went to “COVID isn’t real” and “you’re trying to kill me”. Of course he wasn’t vaccinated. He wanted to leave the hospital right away. Considering he could barely get a sentence out without needing to catch his breath I convinced him to at least spent the night.

Fast forward to this morning. Lo and behold: he’s COVID positive. Well he absolutely flipped his shit. Accused us all of all sorts of things. He immediately asked to leave the hospital again. At this point he was on 100% oxygen on a hi-flow nasal cannula, essentially one step away from being intubated, which he was adamantly against. He kept pulling his oxygen off and I kept watching his oxygen saturation dip into the high 70s.

I went into the room to talk to him. He understood he was sick. He understood his oxygen levels were low. He understood he needed treatment. He understood leaving before we had a chance to treat him would increase his chance of dying.

At every step he demonstrated capacity to make medical decisions. Besides his baseline delusion about the reality of COVID, he was totally cogent and coherent. My hands were tied, it’s a hospital not a prison and I let him sign himself out. I called the Department of Health to let them know.

He got his clothes and belongings and huffed his way out of the hospital. Apparently he made it half way to the road when he collapsed. A code was called overhead and I figured it just have been that same guy. I went down to the ER to confirm my suspicion and saw the ER doc getting ready to intubate. I called out and told him the story, that this guy doesn’t want intubation, or really any medical treatment.

So, he died. One fewer patient in my full unit.

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This newlywed couple just showed up at the hotel we are staying at in the fucking Oscar Meier wiener mobile. My wedding was a sham.

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The perils of photographing wildlife.

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Woman hit in the head at Hornets game by errant pass from Christian Wood ended up with a concussion and hairline fracture (cheekbone). She condemned Wood's use of emojis in his IG story where he offered her free tickets and would like a direct apology.

Link to interview segment with the fan that aired on Dec 30th regarding Wood's response after hitting her with the ball.

Inside Edition article.

Excerpt discussing her injuries:

“I got hit so hard in the head, I honestly had no idea what happened,” Fitz told Inside Edition. “When I stood up I was disoriented and my ears were ringing.”

She said her vision also went black. Fitz ended up in the emergency room with a concussion and a hairline fracture in her cheekbone. She also had swelling and red marks on her face, she said. 

Fitz said her doctor told her that she won’t be able to return to work for three weeks. Fitz said she was also upset about what she said was the reaction to her injury.

Also mentions displeasure with Hornets broadcasters:

“There was definitely a laugh from the announcers and a comment 'she seems to be OK,' but I took a basketball to the face,” Fitz said.

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Checking to see traffic is clear before crossing an intersection? Nah they'll surely see me instead!

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