Nice to meet you all!!

My name is Watame Tsunomaki.

from Hololive 4th generation.

Taking a world tour is one of my dreams!!

My English is very Good .Watame did nothing wrong? HAHA!

Thank you all for your wonderful posts!!

I'll be posting more, so please get along!!

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Some good news...

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Uno reverse card

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Having an office with a view makes the overtime easier

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Doom on a pregnancy tester

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What’s your culinary hot take?

Here’s mine:

When properly seasoned and cooked down, store-bought, canned, crushed tomatoes are totally adequate to make a very good tomato sauce. It is not worth the effort to peel fresh tomatoes, and good fresh tomatoes are better off not being cooked anyway.

I will die on this hill.

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Water balloon getting obliterated by a baseball in slow mo

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This is 'Murica, speak 'Murican!

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