My 12k by 12k survival/adventure map is out! It features 300 unique structures, 13 custom villages, dungeons, puzzles, a fast travel system, special weapons, and more! Download in the comments

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Tippy taps and loving eyes that will melt your heart

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Hiring a Stripper before the day of your supposed to be married to the love of your life is disgusting, and extremely weird.

Now if you plan on having an open relationship, I don’t care, and disregard my title, but so many monogamous couples see this an opportunity to get their dick wet one last time or a hot nude man to strip for them. Just saying this is unpopular, because it was on the front page of a relationship. I always thought my Eastern (cannot bring up which one because Bot thinks I’m racist) Wedding Traditions were unnecessarily long and padded out, but it’s better then hiring an escort to pleasure you on the last day your “single”. Why get married if you’re going to miss the life of casual hookups that much?

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Spraying weed killer instead of weed n feed

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Protesters outside of Mitch McConnell's house this morning

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Getting a PlayStation 2 for my 9th birthday back in 2001

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Have a nice day sir!

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[UPDATE] I (30F) found out my husband (32M) hired my friend (26F) to strip at his bachelor party

TL;DR last post I found out my husband had actually hired strippers for his bachelor party, not only that but he had gone out of his way to hire Rebecca (a close friend) and they hid this for four years.

Is it too soon to update?

I confronted them both, separately, they both gave two very different stories

Rebecca says that my husband got drunk, groped her and when she refused he pushed her and started to yell at her, apparently my husband and his friends believe I shouldn’t be friends with her because she “lead them on”

My husband says that they didn’t sleep together but Rebecca tried to initiate and performed oral while he was black out drunk.

I’m staying with my parents because I don’t know who to believe here or if I should I should even believe either of them, all I’ve done is argue with my husband since the confession.

I’m left more confused than ever and honestly, I just want to say f the both of them, but if my husbands story is true then he’s totally innocent, but what if Rebecca is telling the truth? What if neither of them are.

I’m sick of them both, I haven’t stopped crying since arriving at my mothers to be honest and I don’t think I can.

Why would he hide this for 4 years? Why would she?! If they both believe they’re fully innocent/victims here?

My husband is a mean drunk, but he’s always so soft spoken and I don’t know if he can do those things Rebecca claimed, but I don’t know how he reacts around his friends, but I’ve known him longer than Rebecca too? But I’m all for believing women, I feel like by agreeing with my husband I’m denying Rebeccas story/side.

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terrifying teeth

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wow just when u think there's nothing new to dissect

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