[Fischer] Sources confirm that the 76ers were indeed interested in landing Noel before Philadelphia shifted its sights to Al Horford after being unable to reach Rich Paul. The Clippers and Rockets also attempted to contact Rich Paul that same offseason, also to no avail.

Source: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2947770-how-nerlens-noel-rich-paul-lawsuit-could-change-nba-agent-landscape

It may not come as a surprise, but NBA agents far and wide cheered Nerlens Noel's lawsuit against powerbroker Rich Paul of Klutch Sports this week.

That accept-the-qualifying-offer, bet-on-yourself tactic, along with poaching clients from other agents, have been repeated elements of Paul's unorthodox style that his rivals have seemingly come to loathe. Although those other agents, to be fair, are often guilty of the same things. A significant portion of income for larger agencies is generated by poaching clients before their next lucrative deal.

The National Basketball Players Association does not prohibit its certified agents from contacting clients of other certified agents, in stark contrast to how the NBA prevents rival teams from contacting other teams' players and their agents.

The majority of league sources contacted by B/R do expect the union to settle some type agreement between these two parties, being that a legitimate legal battle benefits neither Klutch nor Noel. For Noel to win $58 million in alleged lost salary, he would seemingly face a daunting uphill battle in a court of law.

The lawsuit claims Paul never informed Noel of Philadelphia's interest in bringing the center back to the Sixers, that he later only heard the intel from coach Brett Brown, who said Philly's front office was unable to reach Paul. The 76ers, and the team's coaching staff in particular, were indeed interested in landing Noel before Philadelphia shifted its sights to Al Horford, sources confirmed to B/R.

Noel goes on to allege that the Clippers and Rockets also attempted to contact Paul that same offseason, also to no avail. League sources confirmed this detail to Bleacher Report as well. "Nerlens was always somebody we really liked in Houston, and definitely tried to get in touch with," said one former Rockets official. "But my understanding is it never got very far."

Paul's then-client Shabazz Muhammad declined a $44 million offer from the Wolves, which never materialized again. He urged Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to turn down Detroit's five-year, $80 million extension. Marcus Morris fired Paul after they declined a three-year, $41 million offer from the Clippers in free agency.

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Cop: We’re in America, G-ddamn it. We don’t want to be forced to do anything. Period.

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Bungie: Two back to back icarus dashes is too much... Also Bungie: Hunter dodging 6 times in a row is fine

So I hop on my titan and decide to grind out some vanguard strikes today. I got teamed with a hunter using the new exotic boots. This guy threw a stasis super every minute in every room. Guy basically solo'd the strike. Dodge dodge dodge dodge super, rinse and repeat. No worries i thought, I'll hit up some crucible. Holy cow these boots are nuts there too! Maybe do some gambit? Nah I don't even dare. I better go farm these boots on my hunter instead.

If you think the radiant dance machines are even REMOTELY balanced, you're a hunter main deluding yourself and currently abusing them yourself. They are broken.I get that the highest proportion of guardians are hunters but if you ever argued against the fact that there is some bias towards hunters, please see the title of the post.

I fully expect the hunter defense league to be out in full force to downvote this post to oblivion.

Edit 1: Grammar

Edit 2: Blessed with RDM on my third try! Off to the crucible!

Edit 3: OMG can't believe this took off! Thanks for the reddit gold kind stranger!

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Group of trans women attacking a 19-year old - bystanders doing jack shit but filming it

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One of the most talented actors to ever do it

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A beach in Iran a few months before the Islamic Revolution, 1979 [620x406]

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If they would've listened to Warrant Officer Science Witch, they would've lived.

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The “Advanced 6th Grade Reader” Starter Pack

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Rick & Morty on the word "Retarded"

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