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Came home from work to see my wife in her wedding dress. We’ve been married 8 years today.

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Black people oppress themselves.

Obligatory I am black. And before anyone tries to say I have a pass or something, yes I am clearly black, not one of the black people that could maybe pass for white.

I’m not going to say there are no bad bad cops because there clearly are. Just like there are bad people that are not cops. But that is not the subject of this post. The subject is that black people are not being oppressed as much as they are saying they are.

I’m thinking back to what people are saying about their oppression, things like they can’t get the same jobs, they can’t go to the same schools, etc. but here’s me. I am a guy with darker skin (I hate saying I’m African American because I have never even seen Africa and I hate saying I’m black because I’m an art student that did self portraits and never used the color black besides my hair. Not saying I hate being me so don’t get that mixed up. I just don’t like being defined by my skin tone. “Black male”) but even with my skin color and being raised in what would probably be considered the “hood” of my city, I speak properly (often time people say I speak “white” which I hate) I graduated top 20 in my high school (caught senioritis real bad) and recieved scholarships to a very well known prestigious predominantly white university that every single one of you will know if I said the name. I am currently being paid 9,000+ a year to go to that college.

Meanwhile other people of my color complain that they don’t have an equal chance in life. It honestly upsets me. Plenty of people in high school would just ignore the teacher and smoke in the bathroom or skip then wonder why “life is treating them unfair” after.

Even with all of that said here’s the thing and anyone is allowed to correct me as I have not actually done detailed research. Firstly, Twitter. We have all probably heard of Twitter and many people use it. But I am surprised to come across what’s known as “black people twitter” which is the part of twitter that has all the black people or something like that. I’m just throwing it out there But I don’t think think that a white, Mexican, asian person made black twitter (it is not a different app btw for those that don’t know)

Something I’ve noticed these people around me do is create “communities”. Places where all the black people stick together and do whatever. But why is there a need to create a community? Why is there a reason to create an entire term “black people twitter”? It’s literally just twitter and you are deciding to separate yourself from it by creating this space you are essentially saying “us black people are not like you” and separating themselves from the rest of the people. Meanwhile if a “white people twitter” would be made its racist and “so what? Only white people allowed here???” They are separating themselves from everyone else then wondering why they are not seen the same in public eye.

Another example is me for example going off to college and losing touch with people I used to go to high school with because all they are doing now is smoking and throwing their life away while I’m trying to create a life for myself. By doing that I am told things like “you really betraying your own kind” (I also hate because we are not some collective species we just share melanin. I am not related to you and “my kind” is human not black humans) or “why don’t you just go to an hbcu” and the best of all, “we don’t claim you anymore” or call me racist names.

Tl/dr: black people divide themselves from the rest of the world and then look around in shock when they realize there is a divide between them and the world.

Edit: a lot of people are coming for the “well you are more privileged than others” in a post below I mentioned my family stumbles to keep food in the table, I had to go to a lowly free public school that was pretty much breaking apart, I dealt with constant familial/domestic issues, etc. I cannot say I’m privileged but I will not say I was the worst off. My hard work has gotten my to where I am. Not my skin color or living conditions.

Also thank you for my first gold kind likeminded stranger!

Edit 2: this post is not saying black people ONLY oppress themselves. Some of you need to learn that not every post is talking about every thing. Literally in the beginning I said I believed there are bad and racist people causing oppression but that is not what this post is about. But people like to hear what they want.

Again, this post is not about outside oppression because I’m pretty sure we are all aware of that. It is like for example a YouTube channel by the name of brave wilderness. He released a video capturing an insect but during the video he got caught by a lot of cacti. There was a second video released about him removing the cacti but the insect video stayed about the insect. That is what this is. We all know he got pricked by cacti (we all know of the outward suppression and oppression) but this video (post) is about the insect (inward oppression)

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Gary Larson is the reason I used to buy the Sunday paper.

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Just let me go now

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Pupper’s first time in doggy day care brings on some Vietnam flashbacks

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A blind kid gets to throw a ceremonial first pitch for the DiamondBack

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An Akhal-Teke (Ахал-Теке.) A Beautiful Horse. They are known for their intelligence, speed, and a coat that has a metallic sheen (lending to their nickname—“The Golden Horse.” There are 6,600 on Earth. DNA research found the Akhal-Teke to be one of the oldest horse breeds alive today.

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Police Investigated Shake Shack Faster Than They Investigated Their Own People

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I watched an eastern painted turtle dig a nest and lay 5 eggs by my apartment

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