I think it’s cool

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And it's only going to get worse

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German streamer has a special talent

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Hong Kong Police mocks Black Lives Matter: This is not America. You can't say 'I can't breathe'.

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My husband is mad that I let my 16 year old son bathe our 2 year old daughter.

Last night I had a really bad migraine and my husband was at work. I asked my son(16m) if he could give his sister(2f) a bath since my head was killing me.

He was perfectly fine with this and when my husband got home he found me asleep. He woke me up asking if I had made dinner or given our daughter a bath yet. I told him that I had a migraine so our son gave her a bath. He screamed at me saying that this was not ok for him to do unsupervised.

He said that my migraine was no excuse to not take care of her. Then my son hears him yelling at me and tries to get him to stop. He hasn’t spoken to either of us since, what should I do

Edit my son is not related to my husband

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A wealthy, but stingy father was trying to put a birthday party together for his 18 y/o daughter.

He wanted the party to be extravagant, but wanted to spend as little money as possible. He had finished all of the other decorations, and he was left to work on the cake.

"Why not get it ordered from an upscale bakery?" his wife said.

So the father visited a ton of different bakeries and did research, but found the prices to be too high.

My daughter is inviting all of her friends, and I'll look bad if I don't put together a good cake, he thought. Then, he stumbled upon a shop that opened once a year to provide free cake to its customers.

How quaint, the father thought, but desperate, he walked inside to see if they could provide a cake for his daughter's birthday.

He was met by a Buddhist monk chanting and lighting incense.

"Hello," the father asked, "I would like to buy a cake."

"Of course," the monk replied, "just draw a picture of the cake you would like on the notepad on the desk."

The father thought this to be weird, but wanting to save as much money as possible, he gave him the address and told him to come in the backdoor, just in case the cake was bad.

The day of the party arrived and the monk visited the house with the most extravagant cake the family had ever seen. All of the guests were in awe, and whispered to each other about how much the cake could have cost.

The monk became the guest of honor and at the end of the party, the father approached the monk and asked,

"Why do you do this for free? You should take money for your services!"

The monk smiled and said, "I do this for free because a cake day is the best way to earn karma."

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Reminder that haters always gonna hate.

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A very British response, cheers Jon!

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good message, but an interesting way of getting to it

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Children are the future

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