Guys draws chalk art on wall, wholesome public worker makes it permanent.😁

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World War Z is a surprisingly good book. I thought previously "Yet Another Zombie Book" But this one actually deserved a movie to go along with it!

What can I say. Its actually GOOD!

(Personal Bias) Its in the format I like. I prefer blog post summaries to extended scientific debates. I enjoy short stories over novels. Its easier to make a small decent quality meal vs a four course entree which ends up boring you. I can put this down and go to something else rather easily. This book is not a 4 hour course at a specialty cruise. It's a row of specialty snacks...loosely arranged in the order it wants you to partake in them. You have quite a bit of personal choice in how you want to read this.

The short stories are engaging and have a nice personal touch to them. The wide variety of individuals with different jobs, backgrounds, and personalities have actually reminded me of the book "Working" by Studs Terkel.

The best stories are, of course, about the people not involved with the military(At least, during the initial spreading outbreak). Zombie stories are best done like survivalist stories. That way you can make the behavior of the people actually believable and gripping! Quite a few of the military stories involve absolutely idiotic behavior and planning. Mindless zombies with no strategy have no real hope of taking on an organized the only way to make them win is to give the commanders severe mental deficits.

Once you forget about the above...the stories are well written! Humans turn into cannibals. Humans bring their gamecubes they cannot play to remind them of home life perks. People get saved. I "liked" the story of the Martin Shkreli pharma guy who made the fake zombie vaccine and raked in millions. People gradually turn into metaphorical monsters in order to fend off material monsters. A trope, but one which at least makes sense. Oh, and the "individual outpost" military stories are actually also well done.

Oh, and it has its cheery moments too! People reminding others to stay alive and upbeat. People going back risking themselves to save others. After the "victory" life seems to go back to normal...albeit a vastly reduced population and quite different architectural standards to ward off zombies. I would love to see a drawup of the new "anti-zombie" architecture ubiquitous in every city.

One of the few 5/5 fictional books I have read in quite awhile! If you didn't know in advance that the Zombie genre simply has never done the "military vs initial outbreak" successfully you may rank it lower. Instead, you simply have to take that as a given. Engage your suspension of disbelief for some key common and necessary tropes and this *actually* ends up fairly realistic.

Here is a nice quote.

"In the beginning everyone was friendly. We cooperated. We traded or even bought what we needed from other families. Money was still worth something. Everyone thought the banks would be reopening soon. Whenever Mom and Dad would go looking for food, they’d always leave me with a neighbor. I had this little survival radio, the kind you cranked for power, so we could listen to the news every night. It was all stories of the pullout, army units leaving people stranded. We’d listen with our road map of the United States, pointing to the cities and towns where the reports were coming from. I’d sit on Dad’s lap. “See,” he’d say, “they didn’t get out in time. They weren’t smart like us.” He’d try to force a smile. For a little while, I thought he was right. But after the first month, when the food started running out, and the days got colder and darker, people started getting mean. There were no more communal fires, no more cookouts or singing. The camp became a mess, nobody picking up their trash anymore. A couple times I stepped in human shit. Nobody was even bothering to bury it."

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2020 has been wild.

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Hypothetically speaking, if Nintendo were to release a HD port or remake of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, would you be willing to buy them?

Would you be willing to buy $60 full price ports into a bundle in the same manner as Mario 3d All stars to the Nintendo Switch? I have been wanting to play Wind Waker for the longest time after I saw that beautiful cel shading style as I didn't have a game cube and I have many fond memories of playing Twilight Princess.

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We attended a ‘Zoom Wedding’ yesterday, and dressed accordingly.

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Do Chinese people get things like this tattooed on them in English?

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Ending my weight loss journey !! I went from obese to a normal weight in 9 months~~

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LPT: When you have the opportunity to give a guy a genuine compliment, do not hesitate to do so. Not only are compliments fielded at men more rare, but a man can ride the high off a single compliment for years.

This post is in no way trying to exclude other genders or even pandering to the "now we have to compliment the patriarchy! What a pathetic patriarchal post blah blah" people...I'm just merely pointing out that women receive far more compliments than men. From fashion, to hair, to looks, women grow up receiving more compliments than men. They also grow up with far more judgment too which is definitely a heavy trade-off (mostly from other women if having 8 sisters showed me anything), but that's just how it goes it seems.

Knowing this, I found that when I spoke to my male friends about my feelings on the topic they all unanimously agreed that they too received very few compliments in general. But when they did, man do they still think about them even years later.

So to summarize, continue to compliment (genuinely) when you can, but know that men in particular really get hit in the feels when a sincere one lands

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Novak Djokovic gets defaulted from the US Open as a first seed after he unintentionally hits a line judge in the throat with a ball he hit out of anger

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I’m going half a million dollars in debt to open a restaurant during a pandemic. Tell me how stupid I am.

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