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🚨IMPORTANT🚨 ALL apes need to read this to prepare for squeeze, or risk potentially losing profit!

Front Page Edit: Thanks everyone for getting this to the front page. To all my lost GME HODL apes on r/wallstreetbets who are reading this on the front page, if you want good GME DD and info, you won't find it there. That sub has been compromised since late Jan early Feb. The mods let in some GME fluff and non important posts through, but they delete genuine important info that will help you with the squeeze. This type of important content is only found here on r/GME. That's why this DD for example is posted here and not on r/wallstreetbets. So if you're relying on r/wallstreetbets for good DD, please, join r/GME instead. Education and knowledge is power.


Preface: Please upvote this to combat shill bots. This NEEDS to be made known to all diamond hand apes, but it's not financial advice.


So you've been combating FUD, HODLing, reading DD, and buying the dip cuz you like the stock. Congratz, you have been doing well on the front lines and you've been surviving. But this is actually just the easy part. The hardest part is actually knowing when to sell and actually turning those shares into tendies, because obviously it doesn't matter how much we hold if we mess up during the squeeze and fail to capture most of the value of the shares. And that's why we're going to add a wrinkle on your ape brain today and discuss about your EXIT STRATEGY.


What is an EXIT STRATEGY, and why is it important?

This really pains me that a bunch of apes have been asking what an EXIT STRATEGY is, as this is something ALL apes should know. An EXIT STRATEGY is your plan for how and when to sell your shares. This is arguably the most important part of trading, as this directly affects how much money you're getting. Obviously we're not going to rely on just emotions, or luck, or just YOLO / 360noscoping the sell button arbitrarily during the squeeze, but we're gonna use our wrinkles to get a better educated guess as to when we're going to sell our shares. Not knowing how to sell our shares well will not only give you as an individual less profit, but also might hinder the squeeze and rob the rocket of rocket fuel, meaning the squeeze won't be as high as it could have been, and meaning ALL APES will have less profit. So read, learn, grow a wrinkle or two, and don't fuck it up for the rest of us!


There is already two EXCELLENT DD's on this, and just in case reddit dies during the squeeze, or if these posts gets deleted, here is the archived version as well; copy and paste the articles themselves or the links to save them just in case.

Wedges and Triangles:

Short Squeeze Case Study: $DRYS

Bonus: Elliott Wave Theory


Some new/repeated points that needs to be reiterated or may not have been covered above:

- GME holders don't want to sell on the way up, but they'd want to start selling after the peak on the way down, to minimize the regret of selling at $10k but seeing the stock hitting $1 mil. Plus selling on the way down ensures the stock can reach it's max price.

- We don't need to worry much about paper hands selling early at like $5k or $10k because they make up only a small part of retail investors, and because of the short interest is estimated to be anywhere from 200% - 300% all the way to over 500%, it means our wallstreet bagholder shorters will need to buy these shares back multiple times to cover their position, so even if they buy all the paper hand shares, they'll need to do it again multiples of times to even start to cover.

- The short squeeze isn't going to last for 2 minutes and that's it. From previous short squeezes, the build up to the top will last for days, so you'll have PLENTY of time to see it coming. And even at the very top, the price will bounce around a bit before heading down again to earth, so you'll have plenty of time to sell.

- When you sell, sell with a limit order, not a market order, because you don't want some freak accident or some illegal shinnanigans where the stock price is worth $1 mil but because you did a market order sell, you somehow got only $50k for your share. The problem with limit order selling is that you have to manually view the price all the the time, waiting for the price to hit whatever level you were planning to sell at.Using a stop-limit sell order though automatically activates the limit order after the stop price has been reached, and you can also set the limit sell price that activates once the price reaches that point. Warning, in times of EXTREME volatility, if you set your limit too close to the current price, there is a chance it won't execute. For example, if the stock is dropping from $1 mil, and you go and spend a minute to set up a limit set order at $990k, by the time you finish clicking and typing, the price could already be at $980k by the time you submit the order, and your order won't fill. Best to have looser sell limit of like maybe 5-10% below current price, or even more, during times of extreme volatility.If you want to, you can also set a trailing stop limit order, which is something that limits how much you can lose but doesn't cap the gain. The issue with setting a trailing stop limit order is that if you don't set it properly, ie, not giving yourself enough room, then potentially any volatile spikes downwards on the rocket ride up could accidentally trigger those stop loss limits and make you sell prematurely, kicking you off the rocket before it arrives at andromeda. For example, in the $DRYS example in the linked DD, if you set your trailing stop loss to be 10%, then you would have gotten kicked off the rocket at only a little past half way. If you just use a plain old limit order sell, then that gives you the most control. I guess you could also set a trailing stop limit order sell at 10% below current price once the price goes past your target price.For more info:,is%20not%20a%20specific%20price.&text=However%2C%20if%20the%20security's%20price,reaches%20the%20trailing%20stop%20price.

- Don't panic when the price halts. It's supposed to halt when there is a drastic change in price, either up or down. Because of these price halts, you'll have even more time to react when the price sky rockets.

- Make sure your brokerage actually allows you to sell your shares at over a mil. I've heard some brokerages have a limit on how big your order can be or maybe have limits to your account itself. Example, if the brokerage has a limit on transactions being less than a mil, then you'd be screwed if you're trying to sell GME for more than a mil. Also, it's a bit different than being allowed to set limit prices at like a mil while the current price is still $200. Even for the broker I use, Questrade, they said there is a limit to what price you can set a limit sell order at, and that limit changes depending on the stock price. So if GME rockets, so should the limit sell price cap.

Also, don't ask me about your particular broker, I'm a Canadian ape and all I know is that Questrade allows for unlimited shinnanigans at any price, cuz I talked to them this morning. With the heart of a partial GME owner, you gotta seize your fate in your own hands and ask your broker yourself. Once you have the answer, what we could do is compile the answers here so everyone can see.

- Watch the volume as well. It's expected the volume to increase signicantly during the squeeze, probably being at it's max around half way into the squeeze, and tapering off towards the top of the squeeze. Conversely, the sell volume will be almost non-existant in the middle of the squeeze, and will increase gradually as we get to the top and then down on the other side back to earth.,were%20associated%20with%20selling%20trades.

- Also, make sure you have access to multiple ways to access your account to sell. IE: Don't rely on your ghetto phone at like 3% on the day of the squeeze to sell on your app. Have multiple devices ready, phones, laptops, desktops, all set up to log in quick and to issue sell orders at a moment's notice.

  • lastly, the peak will not be whatever number you want it to be, or whatever number we all want it to be. The peak will be the peak, and it could be what we think or hope it could be or it could not. Don't just blindly hold to a certain number thinking that it's gonna be the peak. You must always check all the indicators as the squeeze is happening and monitor carefully so you don't miss the peak. All the prices we've been asking for are theoretical. None of us are prophets. Do your own due diligence during the squeeze, don't rely on others.


⭐EXIT STRATEGY EXAMPLE⭐I'm sitting here masturbating and suddenly the price jumps from trading sideways at $200-$300 to $400. I know something's up. So I now actually stay paying attention to the price. The price goes up past $1k. Okay, maybe the gamma squeeze is transforming to the short squeeze. There has been a LOT of halts along the way, but it's fine, because As the price is rising, in my head I'm thinking that the share will go past $100k, so if there are slight dips along the way I don't panic. I am also keeping an eye on technical analysis indicators in the above linked DDs to try and guess where the top is. Let's say the price has reached $1 mil, and it paused there, and the indicators are starting to point to a reversal. Whether $1 mil is the top or not, we don't know, but we can still wait to see if it breaks out and rockets up further. At that point I could:

  • Put in a 10% trailing stop limit sell order on my shares at $1 mil. If it goes up, then I will still get the gainz, but if it goes down 10%, then it'll fill the sell order. At that point, I have to be okay with potentially getting kicked off the rocket during a volatile down spike, as selling at $900k is still great. And I don't think at that point near the top there would be any more volatile movements of 10% or more, but this is pure speculation.

  • Use a stop limit order of $950k (if the price is heading down pretty quickly, a $50k difference from the top will hopefully allow my limit orders to all fill) and sell 50% of my shares, and with the rest, wait for the stock to continue to go up or down. Let's say it starts to drop. It goes back to $900k. At that point, although maybe I don't know if $1 mil is the top, I'm going to make a gut guess it is, based on indicators and how much I personally want to profit from this whole thing. So then I will now attempt to sell maybe 50% of my remaining shares. I go on my brokerage and set a sell limit order at $870k, which is slightly less than the current price of $890k, to account for the continual dropping of the price. Hopefully most of my order will execute and I'd have filled most of the order at $870k or higher. In case I still have some shares leftover, I'd put in another limit order sell at maybe $40k less than the current price, and try again. With the remaining 25% of my total shares, I could then again wait. If the price goes back up, then great, I have another chance to sell for $1 mil or higher. If it goes down, then I'd sell the rest of it at $700k. Overall, in this hypothetical scenario, because I've staggered how I sold, I made sure that I still had chances to ride the rocket up past $1 mil to the true peak, if the peak wasn't $1 mil

$1 mil per share is just an arbitrary price point I picked to illustrate an example. Could be higher , could be lower, no one knows. I don't know how high it'll moon, that's why this post exists in the first place, so you do the DD and know the technicals so you can guesstimate where the top is when it happens. The numberes can change, but the strategy won't. $1 mil is just fun to talk about.


Warning, the ULTIMATE FUD is coming, and the ONLY way to combat it is to have a solid exit strategy NOW.

With the way things are going on our sub, I almost can guarantee when the squeeze starts and when the price hits $1000 or higher, we're gonna be FLOODED with fake DD's saying that it's the peak and here's why, with lots of technical charts and crayons and lines and fancy trading language and other bullshit to try and trick people into selling. If you don't sufficiently do your DD now and understand why $1000 will NOT be the peak, then I can guarantee you you're gonna paper hand and sell at $1000. Knowledge is power, and HFs know that. That's why posts like this gets downvoted to oblivion as soon as it comes out. EDUCATE yourself, form your exit strategy NOW, and stick to it through thick and thin, through the FUD FLOOD armageddon that will come.

Last PSA: I really can't believe it, but some apes don't even know we have a God Tier DD that's pinned to the very top of r/GME. Seriously. Do yourself a favour and go there and read all of the DD. If you do, your hands are gonna be super diamond.

EDIT1 : Fixed content about limit selling / exit strat example.

TL;DRApe ask: WHERE PEAK?Fellow ape answer: Ape need read DD.


Compilation of sell limits from brokers:

*PM me if you have more info on your particular broker you'd like to share with err one.*

1. Revolut:

"Any Revolut users last time i asked revolut suport said that 10k limit per share for limit sell orders will not increase with the shere price any advice to felow ape on what to do? And no i cant transfer my shares out of revolut they literaly dont offer such service. Thanks for your answers." - u/HiStoryin_The_MakingWhat's a good exit strategy for Revolut? Maximum per trade is $10,000 🙃 -u/xRazorleaf

Hi, thanks for your post for exit strategy, I'm costumer of Revolut in Europe and I think that everyone will have a big problem placing selling limits at 1m. The problem you CAN'T place sell limit that are over 10.000 USD and AT THE SAME TIME can't be fraction shares, I attach you the screenshots of the app. Screenshot of Revolut app: -u/JustBeingPunny

2. Wealthsimple

Wealthsimple currently restricts max transaction to 1 Million - u/Kennywise91you can login to and set orders over 1 mill CAD. the limit sell option still wont let u set a price of 1 mill if the current price is too low but you can set a price over 1 mill CAD, unlike on the app. so when it moons, have a get the fuck home strategy if u work. -u/xthemoonx

I’m with wealthsimple and currently the limit sell doesn’t surpass $999,999 USD but only up to $800,000 is supported since apparently orders cannot be above 1 million CAD. Others told me that market sells should be fine but now I’m a little worried about that. I do no intend on selling on the way up at all however I’m worried about missing out on some sweet tendies. What about market sells are so bad? What could potential happen to them? Also it appears that transferring over to quest trade now would be dangerous as I might miss the squeeze. If anyone can give me some input on this I’d really appreciate it. I’m sure a lot of Canadian apes are on wealthsimple so I hope we don’t all get fucked -u/KieranSullivan5

🇨🇦 For Canadian apes 🇨🇦

I emailed WealthSimple and they confirmed the platform will adjust if such an occurrence happens.

Edit for easier viewing:

Here is the screencap of said email:

Here is a screencap of an attempt to set a limit sell of $999,999 USD:

Do not worry about the 2nd image, WealthSimple confirmed they will not restrict sell price if it's worth a metric ton of bananas.

Edit 2: it has been brought to my attention that the $1mil cap is for the app only and will not be present on PC (and possibly a browser on mobile). I have not tested this yet but here's the response:

Thank you u/pinwheelcandy !

Edit 3: Confirmed that there is no cap on any browser (PC or mobile).

Photo of my PC: Screencap of Chrome for Android:


3. Ally

Ally has a limit of $1M. I guess that means one sell order per share then. - u/blueskin

4. Fidelity

fidelity will not restrict selling prices as long as the exchange doesnt i called and they only follow in the exchanges path - u/Top10Tops

To Fidelity folks, Just spoke to customer service and they said there's no sell limit as to how high a stock goes.

Here's the convo, note* I haven't mentioned amc or gme and this was his response.

John: How can I help you today?

Me: Hi John, I was wondering if there's a sell limit for Fidelity?

Me: For example, if a stock climbs to astronomical numbers is there a limit to how much I'd be able to sell it for?

John: Great question!

John: No, there is no upper limit to what you can sell a stock forJohn: If you bought a stock for $1 and the value went to $1 million, you could sell for the profit


AFAIK Fidelity won’t let you set a limit sell order for 50% or more above the current price. Assuming that’s the only rule then it just means you’ll need to watch the price for when it’s approaching 700k to put a limit sell order at 1 milly -u/meekdor

5. E*Trade

I called E*Trade to ask if there’s a limit on my account. THEY SAID NO! 3,000,000 is the floor apes!! - u/AWet1017

I'll ask this here since my topic didn't get much traction:

Anyone using E-Trade? I have a question. I sent them a message asking to ensure they wouldn't freeze up my account should a short squeeze occur that would keep me from buying or selling, similar to Robin Hood (I heard E-Trade was involved in some of those shenanigans too). Anyway, they just gave me a generic bot response and didn't answer my question, surprise, surprise.

I'm on a cash-only account, but what would keep them from not allowing me to sell my shares during the MOASS? Thanks for any help you apes can give. -u/Mega_Buster_

6. Freetrade

Okay, I am extremely smooth brained and I don’t think I’m understanding this right. Can someone eli5:I use Freetrade (UK ape) and asked if I can sell single shares worth $1M+.Their response: you need to ensure US trades are within £25k limit. You need to break down your order into multiple orders within the limit.Are they saying I have to break down 1 milly into 30 separate orders? Or have I just eaten too many crayons to function 😂🖍🖍🖍 - u/ 0To100RealFckngQuick

FYI UK apes, freetrade has a limit of £25k per sale, i have contacted their support and their response was that since none of the stocks they list are anywhere near that limit they see no reason to increase it. that means we are gonna be doing a shed load of transactions come the squeeze - u/ -remlap

7. SoFi

For those using SoFi, I just called them and asked about transaction limits, there is no limit as to how high a share can go when trying to sell it. It can go to over a million a share and you should have no problem selling it. -u/Nk_Raven

8. Hargreaves Lansdown

UK Ape. Hargreaves Lansdown doesn't allow Limit Sells on $GME. -u/misterpeers

Great post OP, thank you. UK Ape here. Anybody else use Hargreaves Lansdown? They only allow Market Orders for US stocks. Believe that's the only way I can sell. If another user can respond, I'd appreciate that very much please! Thanks! -u/ VelvetThunderFinance

9. eToro

You can’t place a Stop Limit Order on eToro 😔 - u/ReXJKHi, one smooth brainer here with a question. On Etoro it’s impossible to set a stop limit order, as there is no option like that. (Using Etoro EU) Also, I want to know if I can sell a milly/share, me no talk etoro people holidays free no answer faster answer here. 🦍 Also💎👐and put some respect on our mutual success! -u/ TreasureCase2020

10. Degiro

I do have concerns about DeGiro. I tried to set a sell limit at a high price just to see how it would look, lol. But it told me it exceeded their maximum order size of €250.000. Does anyone know more about this limitation? When GME squeezes I don’t want to be held back by this. What could we, holders at DeGiro, do about this? They do sell Berkshire Hathaway shares, so technically it should be possible to sell in the hundreds of thousands right?

Update: I asked the same question on r/degiro and there they said that if the share closes at above €250k there should be no problems selling the shares at their actual price.🙌💎-u/Always_Highdrated

Degiro doesn't allow you to place a limit order sell 20% higher than the current price. Aside of that I am not aware if there is any other kind of limitation. Currently there is no stock or security in existence that is near the 250.000 that you suggest in your post, so it is normal that it didn't let you place the order. -u/Maximito

11. Robbinghood

For anyone wondering Robinhood does not have have a cap on placing a limit sell. So for all you smooth brained apes out there, this means when Gmmee hits 2,000,000 a share, a limit sell order will be able to be placed for 2,000,000 - u/ChimpGimpy

12. Questrade

No limit on selling, but limit on setting sell limits (right now I can set $9999 but not higher).

EDIT: According to u/equinsuosha , if you change your route, you can set the limit price to whatever you want. I still need to test this; QT acting up again, unstable site >.>

13. Vanguard

I just called Vanguard and they confirmed that there is no maximum amount for selling shares of a stock. When I gave him the example of $1MM or more per share he didn't flinch. u/Weary_Freedom_3916

14. Charles Schwab

Hello hello. Charles Schwab user here. There is an initial trade limit of 1000 shares or 20k (if any apes are considering transferring). There is no maximum amount for selling, but there's a cap on limit orders based on current prices. I can place one just under 4k. u/itsdaynotdave

15. Interactive Brokers

$CUM at IBKR SELL LIMIT 10,000,000.00 and limit 15 orders 1 time. 1 share 10,000,000.00 no issue. ×2 share 10,000,000.00 IBKR will cancel without my consent. FYR u/EddJan94

16. Webull

Rumor has it Webull currently allows a maximum limit sell order at 2000% (20x) current market value. So with GME's current $200 price you could set a limit sell order up to $4000. (I saw this info posted by a user in the GME comments section on Webull, who asked the company to clarify the policy after having very high limit sell orders unilaterally canceled by Webull.) - u/Green8Dreamer

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Trippin’ and Stumblin’

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Being an asian girl right now is horrifying

Over the last year, being an Asian girl, of Chinese decent, has really opened my eyes to have horrible people can be. When the pandemic started the racist jokes just ramped up, mostly from my own friends too.

As the pandemic went on it only seemed to worsen. I could barley go out for a walk without being screamed at by some person who thought the government’s failure to contain COVID-19 was my fault. It was always something about me being an Asian woman too, threats of rape of death in the middle of a neighbourhood, along with some slurs added in.

With the shooting in Atlanta I’m now just fucking infuriated. “Having a bad day” are you serious? I’ve had so many bad days after being harassed while I try to get some damn exercise and yet I haven’t taken it out on anyone.

How many men on the street that threatened me with death and rape were close to having a “bad day” like that guy? I can’t help but to think that the men who’ve threatened me on the street aren’t far off from the monster who targeted and a committed terrorism on innocent asian woman working at a spa.

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Lady forgets to use handbrake

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A boy and his best friend. Wish this was a full length movie.

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The level of effort in this

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The oldest olive tree in the world -- 4000 years old -- location: Greece, Crete

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